Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Heads up!

Good day everyone! Jessica here!

Just wanting to give everyone a heads up with the goings on here in Suede Land. First off, thanks for your continued patience. We haven't been able to get out as many videos as we would like, and know there have been technical difficulties, but your loyalty helps keep us going when we run into these hiccups!

So, in case you guys have not noticed, the next review set up for this month is going to be pretty big (at least it's taken a lot of work to make it! I'm still editing my fingers off) And we may have to have it split into two separate parts, but you'll still get them at the same time.

Expect a vlog soon!


Devar said...

Its good to hear that you both are working hard but remember to take your time, better to not rush video reviews and get it perfect. So I wish you both as per usual the best of luck and take care ^_^

Kai said...

I'm guessing with the new poll, the "comment" for the other option would be posting in a comment here, so I'll throw mine in here.

Now, Final Fantasy is fun, and 4 will always have a nice little place in my heart as my first RPG, one of my first games, and so on, but two series that are overlooked a lot are the Wild Arms series and the Suikoden series. Wild Arms has great music and decent story, as well as a great theme for the second one, and the world building of the Suikoden games is just all kinds of detailed. It is a shame both series have fallen off, mostly due to the lack of popularity and such. Still, those are two of my favorite RPG series.

Jonathan M said...

Sweet! I love longer videos.

Jonathan M said...

Oh, and other-I don't have a favorite series, but favorite RPG would be Phantasy Star Online. I don't play many RPGs, so my opinion is limited.

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