Donate anime

Have an anime you'd like Suede to review? Have an extra copy of it you like to donate for the cause? Or even general item that might contribute to fandom stranger, etc? Here's how you can!

Because of ridiculous prices of anime and other general otaku items in New Zealand, (due to inflation and import prices), Suede does have a hard time getting his hands on a lot of anime. Thus he has to resort to importing for the items he needs for reviews. If you have an extra dvd or box set that you'd like to donate for the reviewing cause, here's where you can help.

Just e-mail Suede at: with the title of the anime, and information about it (how many discs/episode, or anything else you may deem useful). If it is an anime Suede is interested in reviewing, he'll get back to you, asap.

You'll get something out of it too though! Along with having the anime reviewed with a thank you credit at the end for your donation, you will receive a personalized sketch (By either Suede (Suede's Deviantart) or Jessica (Jessica's Deviantart)) and thank-you note autographed by Suede himself.

Thanks again to all of Suede's fans who help make these review possible!


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