Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Thought You Were Dead

All right, NOW I'm going to do it! I 'm going to get back onto daily entries, I just need to get back into the habit! I think the main reason I've been slipping lately is because Jess is still gone and the woman is pretty much my muse and motivation for pretty much everything in my life. With out her I'm pretty much uninspired and bored about nearly everything. It's a side effect of a happy marriage I didn't even realise was there until now. I guess I'm glad she took the break for that reason, It'll probably help me a good father.

However, there was one experience that helped. Jess has owned a copy of Final Fantasy IV for the DS for a long time, and now that I'm quite bored with her gone, I decided to give it a try. After I got past the opening hour, I suddenly got a really heady feeling of nostalgia. It took me back to the days of the PSX and FFVII. The story was okay, maybe it gets more complex later on, but it was worth picking up just for that brief sojourn into my younger life.

I have to work hard on my final project for school, so I may not have time for a full review this month. maybe a couple of Nancy Drews or something.

Movie of the day: Escape From New York. I knew I had to see this one at some point, just because I'm becoming a fan of John Carpenter and I've always loved Metal Gear Solid (which takes several massive and incredibly obvious cues from it.) It is pretty awesome, and what they did on a low budget and old technology is phenomenal (you know the part where Snake sees a wire frame image of the city through the screen of his glider? That ain't CG! It was a scale model of New York painted with luminescent paint and tape!), but it still shows it's age with how slow it's pace is and how aimless it can get, despite a simple premise. I also felt they wasted that psycho henchman, too. I do love the music, though! Carpenter was pretty darn talented when it came to composing, and this score really shows off how synth can still work without sounding goofy (along with Blade Runner and The Thing).

Song of the day: The Streets Of Whiterun by Jeremy Soule. those who have played Skyrim may think, "Man, I know this one by heart, it's like the third most recognizable song in the game (after Dovahkiin and the Battle Theme)!" Wrong. You have heard it in the background, so low that I bet you don't even know that it has a piano section! This is actually a fantastic piece, sad and wrenching, perfectly capturing a city struggling to get by. There's a lot to it that you can really miss on a casual listen, so give it a real try.


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