Friday, October 28, 2011

Phoenix Wright Movie Preview!

Behold! Feast your eyes on THIS!

...Just not your ears. The people talking over this excellent preview are most annoying. X3

Smarty pointed this preview out to me, and I'm very grateful. The costumes and sets are fantastic, and the serious/comedy vibe seems to remain intact. What happened to Lotta's hair? X3


Jonathan M said...

I wish I knew Japanese.

John A. said...

Glad to have found this! Wish though that they would release the actual trailer

SnorlaxShamen said...

Indeed it looks like it has really cool.

Strouze said...

Can you plz talk about the Mononoke Anime, that is produced by "Toei Animation". I'm talking about the Ayakashi spinn-off not the Ghibli Movie.

Dev's Media Reviews said...

Too bad the video's been taken down. Wonder if we can see the preview somewhere else? I've been curious about the project since its announcement months ago.

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