Friday, January 13, 2012

Vlog episode: 2 Jan 13, 2012

After a long wait, here are the answers to the questions you guys posted! Sorry it took so long! Blame moving and Christmas!


Adam said...

thanks for the new vlog can not wait for the next one and the new review and first comment yay

OrangeOctopi said...

I just discovered your videos last month thanks to tvTropes, and I really enjoy them. You're both funny and fair with your reviews, and as a fellow Mormon, I really appreciate that there's someone on this site other than Linkara who tries to keep their humor clean.
Do you have a account? I think some of my non-member friends who are into anime would find it interesting.

a person said...

Ha! In France (I go on holiday there) you can get a katana (good condition) for 20 euros!

Congrats on getting into the film course! Hope you are enjoying it.

Could you review Cowboy Bebop at some point? I know how much you love it, and I want to hear your favorite aspects of it.

Have you seen Full-metal Alchemist Brotherhood? It mine and my best mate's favorite anime, and I actually hated the original anime series oddly enough...

Can't wait for your next video!

Amy said...

Glad to see another video from you, Suede! I'm sorry to hear less people saw your Tokyo Godfathers video, though- it was really great. And that's one of my favorite movies. I'll see if I can get some of my anime buddies to take a look at it. I bet they'd like your show, and they're newer fans...they haven't seen some of this 'older' stuff.

Looking forward to whatever you've got planned, here! It sounds exciting. :3

Jonathan M said...

Thanks for answering the question(s)! Kinda adds a layer of closeness to your fanbase.

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