Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello again!!

Hi everyone! Jessica here!

So, I know the blog has been quiet of late, that's why I made a poll to the side, because, to be honest, Suede and I are not quite sure what you guys would want to read/see more of! So please vote and leave a comment here about what you'd like to see!
Suede is working VERY hard on some great videos upcoming, and with my learning to do the video editing under his direction, we are hoping to start churning out a video a week once this big (surprise) project he's doing for you is finished! =D I hope your excited, because I am! I'll be super busy with it too!

Also, I know I'm not Suede, and you guys are following this site mostly for him and his thoughts, so I hope my posts and random facts won't bother you all to much. Let me know. :3


Exeedra said...

Tell Suede to stop worrying so much about Animenia, any true fans of his will stick by him and his decisions no matter what. :)

As far as the blog is concerned, why not do like a preview blog or something of the latest anime to come out in Japan, kind of like what Masako X does on TGWTG but in writing form and through someone else's perspective?

Exeedra said...

Oh and also Suede, thanks a bunch for answering my question about hellsing ultimate! You're a huge inspiration for me and you have no idea how cool it was for you to answer my question! You rock man! :)

DJ Ryudo said...

I personally really enjoy Animenia. I like the rants Suede has. For example, the first 7 minutes and 30 seconds of the video "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time". I thought it was not only funny, but it was very interesting as well.

Besides that, I love the idea of the vlogs and answering questions from fans. That was really awesome, too. :P

Overall, I will basically watch whatever Suede puts out. He always makes great videos that I can't help but love. Keep up the great work, dood!

Adam said...

to tell you the truth the first three comments said what i wanted to say better than me so i will just add this i like all the videos that come out ever time and as a fan i just hope for the best for the both of you and the first bit of "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" and the transforms movie was just gold

libraryguy said...

We trust Suede, so if he's happy with the content, we will be too.

Justin said...

Honestly, I'm interested in whatever he posts. I think that Suede has a great personality and shows great wit, even when improving. I actually would like to see more of him playing Ninja Gaiden, or related games as well. At any rate, I'll look forward to whatever he does.

Jacob said...

We waited for two and a half years for the suede to come back. A month or two won't kill us. Keep on doing what you love.

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