Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Man In Suede: The Beginning That Began

Hello to all who may read, this is the home of the ramblings that enter my mind that consist of MORE than 140 characters! Actually, it functions as much more than that (although unfortunately that will still occur from time to time). To begin with, this is where my main videos will be revealed after they appear on TGWTG, plus it will also be where I put supplemental videos (vlogs etc) that I deem unworthy to grace the mighty pages of the awesomest site in the universe.

This is also where you can actually make a difference in my life, and even in my reviews! You see, I am bound by demonic contract not to panhandle within the hallowed confines of TGWTG, but here I can go nuts! Observe the Donations button to the side. The more self sufficient I become through these videos, the closer I get to my goal of going full time and achieving the win-win situation of releasing weekly.  Now, the only lasting way to do this is to get as many people as possible to watch the videos, but donations will never go amiss. Also watch out for new polls such as the one I have set up now that may very well affect my future videos. This is also the only place I've put my email address.

So yeah, a bit about myself. I'm a sworn otaku and all-purpose nerd currently living in New Zealand, Christchurch to be exact, where the aftershocks appear to be dying down, finally. At the moment I'm desperately trying to make ends meet for me and my wife by working full time at a warehouse for the main grocery supplier in New Zealand, Foodstuffs. This is why my videos aren't being churned out at nearly the rate I would like. Although Jess (my wife) has just been offered a part time job as a Community Support Worker, things are still tight. However! Things are moving forward, even if it is slowly. I am currently working on a new AMV heaven, which should please the old fans and puzzle the new. Here goes nothing!


Evan said...

Awesome! Can't wait to find out which AMV you're going to showcase.

(Here's hoping for a Princess Tutu or Durarara amv, but that's somehow doubtful ;)!)

Devar said...

Hi there Suede, its good to see you are ok and trying to get through life, I personally am too trying to get into video reviewing but on villains, puzzle games and any other side projects I can think of ^^;, so I can understand why you would want to improve the timing of releasing new videos more then once a month.

I for one will personally stay awhile and listen to whatever video you post (sadly can't donate due to tight on funds here =( ) and wish you all the best of luck in whatever you plan to do from here on out but most importantly of them all take care to both you and your wife. n_n

Edawg said...

i have been watching your videos for a long time, even before you went on your mission. I am a huge fan, also a huge otaku as well. i just have one question, How do juggle being a member of the church and being and otaku? I'm not asking this because i am trying to start some arguement, I am just wondering because i used to also be a member of the church and thought it was really great that there was someone else who loved anime and was also a mormon. ps this might be hard to read but forgive me

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