Saturday, April 6, 2013

And I Ride And I Ride

Well, I made it through yesterday's bout of gloominess... Only to run into a whole new set of problems today. We had to set up a new fridge that was given to us because my sister-in-law is moving back to America, which we had to do in the first real rainfall of the year, then just as we had finished moving everything into place and caught our breath, we got a knock on the door and found out that, through no fault of theirs, that same family has to stay with us for four more days, starting today. We were actually somewhat prepared for this as we knew that they needed somewhere to stay, but we expected them tomorrow and only for the one day! Our apartment is already nastily tiny, I hope we can fit 2 adults and 4 children in here... As I said, it wasn't their fault, but man it's still tough. Despite that, I did manage to gett the next Nancy Drew video up and ready, though. Stil not sure what to do for next week.

Not to mention it was also me and Jess' Two year anniversary today! Well, technically it's tomorrow as we got married in America on the 6th, but eh, whatever. Despite all that's been happening we still managed to have some fancy mexican and took a nice road trip. To those who follow my twitter, every year I mention that I'm not seeing the downside of marriage yet. Still not seeing it. It's awesome.

Movie of the day: Waking Life. This is a film done entirely in experimental rotoscoping, kind of like "A Scanner, Darkly" (by the same director) but way more out there. It's pretty much a treatise on philosophy and the power of dreams, and although it makes some interesting points, I felt like it said all it needed to say in the first half hour. It could have een a great short film, but it's stuck being a mediocre arthouse flick. I just find it bizarre that this director, Richard Linklater, not only directed this but also Dazed And Confused, Tape, Before Sunrise and... School Of Rock? Bad News Bears? You never know what he's going to do next.

Song of the day: The Passenger by Iggy Pop. This song was used in the trailer for Waking Life, and I thought it was awesome. May be a bit repetitive for some, but you can't deny the guy has a compelling and unique voice, even if he does look like Gollum.


Julia said...

Happy 2 year wedding anniversary Suede!

Allegra Puls said...

May your marriage live long and prosper!(sorry, that's all I can muster, my humor's bad) :'( anywayz~Happy Anniversary!!! XD

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