Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Believe In Me

Yep, It's back to the daily grind, learning a software I really don't have much interest in learning but kind of have to if I'm going to get an entry level job (although I'd prefer to work in production rather than post). Tonight I'll record a new Nancy Drew and start preparing for both the streams and the proper review at the end of the month. There have been so many times I've tried to organise my life, hopefully this time it'll work out. I need to decide in a day to release my weekly vids. I'm leaning towards Saturday, but maybe Friday would be a better choice since more people will be at work or school...?

I've been playing a few of those done-in-five-minutes art games. Check out Every Day The Same Dream and Freedom Bridge, but only if you don't mind feeling really depressed. Games can really draw you in through the simplest things.

Movie of the day: Le Voyage Dans La Lune. This is available to watch for free (it's public domain) and it's only a quarter of an hour long, so there's really no excuse to check it out. This is the masterpiece (or at least the signature piece) of Georges Melies, the man who pretty much invented special effects. It's a heady feeling of human accomplishment to watch a film that's over a hundred and ten years old. Not to mention it's still awesome in a campy overte top way. check out his other work too, you can just feel the enthusiasm he had for it in each picture.

Song of the day: Tonight, Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins. Yeah, this is partly because the music video is a tribute to the above film, but I've always really love this song anyway. When lush, vibrant strings are pulled off well in pop music it's a thing of beauty. Too bad it only happens about once a decade. Billy Corgan's vocals take some getting used to, but at least you can get used to them.


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