Monday, April 1, 2013

Here You Are, And There's Where You Want To Be

All right. OK. I have been screwing up my schedule long enough and now I need to start over. Let this day (ironically April Fools in America) mark a new beginning for the blog in which I take it more seriously and get it done promptly every day. Forward!

Keeping with this new resolution, I've decided to keep a stricter schedule and I'm even starting arrangements to put out videos weekly, even with my busy student life. The answer? Streaming! Well, in a sense. This is the idea: I do a streaming episode each week, then put it up on blip at the end of the week. That way my die hard fans can watch as I review live, and the casual fans can see it later. What are these streaming shows, you may ask? Well, the first is a first impressions series I'm calling (at the moment) 'Nani Desu ka?' where I watch the first episode of an old or new anime on crunchyroll and give my two cents on it as I watch it. I still need to ask crunchy roll permission to do so, but hopefully everything will work out. The other one is a reboot of an series that seems to have fallen by the wayside: AMV Heaven. This time, instead of editing together a proper review each time, it'll be in radio/VJ format, introducing them, watching them and giving my opinion.

So, here's my ideal schedule, hopefully beginning this week (maybe next):

First Friday of the month: Nancy Drew
Second: Nani Desu Ka?
Third: AMV Heaven
Fourth: Proper review

How does that sound? Think it'll fly? I guess we'll just have to see...

Movie of the day: Hugo. This is a very good movie, and it taught me and my wife quite a few amazing things that we really weren't aware of. It's amazingly intriguing, but unfortunately I can't quite tell you what's intriguing about it without spoiling major plot points. Let's just say anyone with a love of film owes it to themselves to see this. Also, did you know that automatons like the one in the movie really did exist? It's insane!

Song of the day: Start Over by Abandoned Pools. This was the last son played in the TV series Clone High, a show I can't say I was a huge fan of, but I did admire the concept and ideas it had. I also really liked this song. It's pretty standard college fare, but there's this maturity and darkness to the production that elevates it above regular pieces of the genre.


Julia said...

Don't forget fandom stranger!

Derek Bown said...

I'll be interested to see how this new schedule goes. I've found that nothing ever ever gets done unless one schedules it (actually learning to stick to the schedule is another matter altogether).

OrangeOctopi said...

Hey, weekly content sounds great! Good luck keeping up with it! I know how busy school and all that other life stuff can be.

edmg7 said...

If you can stick to that schedule and still balance your personal life then go for it. I look forward to more of your reviews.

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