Saturday, April 27, 2013

Remember, Boys And Girls: Don't Be A Dimwit!

Yes, don't be a dimwit and leave your blog for ages so you have all the more to catch up on when you do! Well, it certainly has been a busy week, but at least I have something to show for it! two things, even! Check it out!

First of all, I got the Mewtwo Returns video up! Hooray! Let's all watch it, shall we?

Wasn't that fun? I sure hope it was, it took up half my time this week! What was the other half, you ask? Well, it was this thing:

Yep, that was the culmination of all the stuff I learned in Nuke. It was dang exhausting, but I suppose you can't argue with the result, it actually came out better then I thought it would, which is always a rare surprise in the post-production biz.

Then on top of that, I had to help Jess prepare for her big trip. You see, my parents were kind enough to pay for my wife to go on vacation to the States during this small, small window where that's possible before it becomes... less possible. She'll be gone for three weeks and I can't deny that it's pretty darn lonely around here... Luckily I was able to play Bioshock Infinite to tide me over. I loved the story, very poignant and fulfilling even if the gameplay was definitely lacking at times, and I did get the ending, even if Moviebob had to fill in a couple of cracks. We need more games with stories this strong, and with this, Walking Dead and Spec Ops, I'm crossing my fingers and toes that it becomes a trend in modern gaming. Remember, game companies: Don't be dimwits!

Movie of the day: See above.

Song of the day: God Only Knows by The Beach Boys. The bridge seems kind of out of place, but everything else about this song is just sublime, especially the excellent round at the end. Once of the most beautifully, plaintively sincere songs ever written, sweet without being sugary and realistic without being cynical. They couldn't have chosen a better song for Bioshock.


Jonathan M said...

I enjoyed the review--much laughter was had. Probably some of your best material, and I haven't watched that second video yet.

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