Friday, January 18, 2013

Don't Bring Me Down

Oh, my goodness... It has been hell in a handbasket this weekend so far (for those not in the know, in New Zealand Friday was yesterday and today it is Saturday. Sunday comes afterwards) Taking care of five kids with different personalities and needs, one of which is blind and autistic, while similtaneously housesitting two houses that aren't our own, with four kids living in one house and one living in the other, and one of us going through the worst of the first trimester... You can begin to see why this entry's a little late. We have not had a single moment to breathe until now, and even then it's still with 4 kids acting their kiddiest in the background. You know what? Say what you will about a Christian religion, disregarding all opinions one way or the other, it's actually one of the most theraputic things ever to be made by your conscience to take one day off from everything. I think I'd have a perforated ulcer by now if cognitive dissonance coupled with a sense of spirituality didn't force me to relax once a week. At least it's pretty much over now, and I can get back to worrying about my usual things.

Speaking of which, a cautionary tale for you all: Procrastination is bad, mmmkay? I thought that the redo would be only a couple hours work, so I put it off and off and off until the last minute. Then, of course, when I finally sat down to do it, I discover something that I hadn't noticed before which required more time to fix than I had. So I lost a potential ten points added to my grade simply because I let my project fatigue (the feeling of wanting nothing more to do with a project once a certain milestone has been reached) get the better of me one too many times. Live and learn, I suppose...

Even though I was off my feet most of the time, I did get an incredibly short amount of time to try out my parent's 3DTV. I tried out Batman: Arkham City and Shadow of the Colossus (the only two 3D games in my library) and maybe it's because 3D doesn't really hurt my eyes, but I really dug it. It really sucks you into the world of the game. I don't think it's anywhere near worth the price (yet) but I think it's awesome. I just wish Skyrim was 3D compatible!

Movie of the day: The Secret World Of Arrietty. It may not be Miyazaki at the helm (although he did storyboard it, which is almost as good), but it still delivers the warm feeling to your gut that Ghibli films are required by law to provide. The problem I have with Ghibli is that now that there's been a slew of films based on western books, it not only makes me worried that they'll stick to that rather than do original stories (where Ghibli usually shines the brightest), but it also gives me false hope for others that might be given the treatment! Imagine a Ghibli Redwall! It'd be flippin' off the hook! Or a Ghibli Eragon that wouldn't suck! Heck, what about a Ghibli Harry Potter? Really think about that one...

Song of the day: Youth by Foxes. This song is pretty obscure, at least over here (I can't even find it on iTunes!) but it has a vibe I really like, melancholy yet energetic and hopeful. It sounds like the artist is really serious about making a fresh start, and she's optimistic about it although she's failed at it before. That and it has surprising yet very effective percussion choices and a really kick-butt instrumental break! Also check out the explosive remix by Adventure Club, it adds an awesome new dimension to it.


edmg7 said...

Yeah I feel your pain on the procrastination. Last week I waited until two days before a paper was due to start it because everyone (even the prof) said it would be easy. Long story short: I pulled my first all-nighter the night before it was due. Yeah taking a day each week to rest is quite healthy, definitely make a point of it.

Laura F. said...

Hear you loud and clear with the procrastination thing, Suede. Now that my boyfriend's the one going through uni, I have to make sure it doesn't happen to him. XD

On another note, thanks to your vid, I watched the entirety of Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro and started reading up on the manga. I really enjoyed it! Neuro's easily the best character, but I really liked the presentation and concept overall. Thanks for giving it the spotlight in the first place! :)

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