Monday, January 14, 2013

Once Upon A Time In New Zealand...

Ugh, I keep forgetting that sleep deprivation isn't just present after the childbirth. Poor Jessica.

Unfortunately, it's looking less and less likely that I'll be able to complete my review of Pokemon 3 by the end of this month. My brief writer's block and unusually busy school schedule seems to be seeing to this. However! I WILL have the script done by the end of the week, so it is likely that it'll be done early next month. I wish so much that I could just go full-time, you guys would get a video every week plus extras, but like our plan to eventually head to America it must be put on hold until more money is earned. Jess thinks I should apply to be an 'ambassador' for Crunchyroll to help this along, and I'm definitely leaning towards the idea. Any objections? Another option we were toying with was a Kickstarter project to get us enough equipment and funds to briefly go full time and see if we can make it. Currently I make about $150-$200 a video, do you think that would grow if I did one a week? would livestreams help? Give any ideas you have in the comments, I'm curious as to your opinion.

In local news, one of the things that made yesterday a particularly busy school day was that we had to choose a director we admire and prepare a presentation to be given today on his style. I got Sergio Leone (took it just before a classmate claimed it!), and it's been amazing researching his influence on the cinematic world. Even anime owes a lot to his techniques (mainly because his trademark Extreme Closeups are very dramatic yet easy to animate). Wish me luck with the presentation!

Movie of the day: We saw The Roaring Twenties with James Cagney and Humphrey Bogart. Cagney was just electric on the screen, it's been so long since we've had a real motor-mouthed wiseguy star in the movies. I love 40's gangster movies for their breakneck pace, and this one was no different. The montage sequences in particular were gorgeous, with some shots that must have taken days to set up just flying by in an instant. I'd recommend this or Angels With Dirty Faces as an introduction to the '40s gangster films.

Song of the day: Sleepyhead by Passion Pit. Sweet, loud and melodic, with a rhythm and production that sounds truly fresh and new to my jaded ears. Too bad the rest of their album doesn't really sound the same.


manuman_knd said...

Let's plays, maybe? you know, like a pokemon let's play(what a shock) you can ask rollo for any advice. Livestream could also be good.
i don't think kickstarter may be a good idea, unless you can promise something good, if not, you better ask for donations with paypal(but what do i know?). In any case, you may want to "sacrifice" some "luxury" to earn money.
since i don't use crunchyroll, what does this "ambassador" thing means?

edmg7 said...

more videos may bring in more money, if you had more reviews more people may watch you more often. livestream...I question if that would work, it could get more people to join in or it might just attract you strongest fans. I don't know how much more money the Crunchyroll job would get you, but that could be a good thing for you

Anonymous said...

For streaming purposes, since I think I remember you saying that your Pokemon content got you the most amount of hits and revenue, maybe you should continue in that vein. Stream and riff on the episodes of the anime show, or maybe the video games.

Just a thought for you. Good luck!

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