Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Baby's In A Cage

Okay, I seem to be working my way back to the usual time, hopefully I'll be able to get back in the groove soon as it gets really annoying to have the thought of doing it niggling at me all day. I'm hoping that having this blog will help to hone my discipline, as I still have trouble with getting distracted.

At school we're currently still learning the ropes of After effects, and today was an introduction to expressions. Oh my. I can see the power they have, but you really need to have a love of coding to make them yours, and that's something I just don't have. Luckily, as I implied before, they're only for the real zen masters of after effects. For my purposes, I'm still doing very good.

I finally saw the 'Review must go on' video. I thought he raised some excellent points in it, and it inspired me to do better. Please remember this, you guys. I may be back, I may be releasing videos, but I am nowhere near at the top of my game. I plan on using everything I'm currently learning to put myself and my videos five levels higher. We'll just have to wait and see...

In other news, we went to the hospital today so that Jess could get an ultrasound to find out exactly how far along we are. Answer? Eight weeks, so that means the actual birth will most likely take place on September 1st. Ultrasounds are CREEPY, man! "Oh cool, so that's her stomach, and this is the uterus, and that's... Oh sweet Helen of Troy, I can see it's head! That is a human being in my wife! my wife now has two heads! Two freakin'... Wait, wait's that vibrating thi... THAT'S IT'S HEART?? Half my dna has a freakin' beating heart? How does that even oh my gosh it just stretched. Excuse me. *thud*"

Movie of the day: Frost/Nixon. This film was very good at keeping a brisk pace, despite being about what potentially be portrayed as a rather dull process. I think it's good that films remind of very interesting things that happened in the past, even if they are exaggerated. Stuff like this needs to be seen. The standout though is Frank Langella, dang can you see everything that's going through this man's head. I'm kind of surprised, you'd think it would be a difficult transition from broadway but no, it's almost worth seeing for his performance alone. Camera was a bit to shaky at times, though.

Song of the Day: My Body Is A Cage by Arcade Fire. I love songs that build up to an explosion of sound (only if it's done well, obviously) and this one is one of the best. John Carter may have been a disappointment, but I can at least say it led me to a awesome song.


Anonymous said...

I guess the first thing to say is congratulations! It hasn't come yet, and things may still happen, but I'm hoping things go very well for you two. So, congrats, man!

Next, you're working hard on your videos and we're still waiting patiently. It's always very enjoyable when you have a new video. So, you keep doing what you're doing and making things better is great.

Ai said...

From TheGingerBohemian(sorry my account is being stupid XEI Grrr!)
Congratulations! XD If the same reaction you had ever gets put in a movie it would be comedy gold! Are you gonna post picture when the baby is born 'cause I keep pondering on what~glorious creation of da cuteness factor :3~you and Mrs. Suede would make? + I'm a sucker for all things adorable. Show me a kitty, baby, etc. & I will do your college work till the day you graduate.
If your going five levels up count me floored ahead of schedule 'cause you have yet to release a video that I didn't enjoy. Heck, some of your older reviews are some of the first anime reviews I watched and took seriously XD If I heldz de power, I would let you make reviews weekly again but alas I'm just a poor college student with only $80 to her name (& that's just from the charity drive I like to call Xmas...I mean that as a good thing, I swear) & quite a few pipe dream T-T ...well who knows, ze better days come around at some point!
I wish Mrs. DuFresne & yourself all the luck in the world with the pregnancy and look forward to seeing your class S X5 reviews! XD

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