Monday, January 28, 2013

I Am Iron Will

Now THIS is better, however I still want to be able to write at an earlier time, just so I don't have to sweat about it later.

School's gone into slog mode currently, working from a textbook and so forth. Learned a lot about mattes, though. The fun never stops... My wife's sister stopped by for an impromptu act of kindness by cooking us dinner. It was wonderful and a real load off of both of us. Thanks, Rachael!

I actually managed to play a couple of demos recently, so I'll give my thoughts on them. First was the beta for Dust 514. I was kind of disappointed for two reasons. First was that I thought it was meant to be for those who wanted to get into the Eve universe but felt intimidated by the exceedingly complex interface and unusual play style. Well, the play style is certainly more conventional but holy cow is the interface just as complex! There's like a hundred different menus and sub-menus! I felt intimidated by it, so I guess they failed in that regard. The other disappointment was that one of the screenshots clearly showed one soldier wielding blades, implying a stealth melee class akin to the Spy. No such luck. A shame, I guess I'll just have to continue waiting for Star Citizen...

The other demo I tried was Metal Gear Rising: The Revenginator. All goofiness in plot and character aside, I'm very surprised at how bland the combat is. Block being the same button as attack is salvageable  but no dodge roll? Come on, now! That and no free-running whatsoever makes it seem like a very bland hack-n-slash, but we'll see.

Movie of the day: Iron Man 2. Good, clean fun. I dug that they dealt with his alcoholism, Mickey Rourke and Samuel L. Jackson were fun and the action scenes were just awesome. You know why? Because the action scenes were storyboarded by the legendary Genndy Tartakovsky himself! I was blown away when I found out! One step closer to your own animated action movie, Genndy... I'll be there...

Song of the day: Spirit Never Die by Masterplan. I went into this song in AMV Heaven, but let's just say you can't listen to it without feeling like you could punch a mountain afterwards. YEEAH! Speedmetal at it's finest.


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