Monday, January 28, 2013

That Boy Needs Therapy

NYArglesplargy! Am I perhaps doomed to rush through my blog like a madmen every night, trying desperately to hold on to my resolution like Mark Wahlberg to his dignity? This is not the way to do it! I will do my blog again tomorrow morning, because that is when my mind is fresh, my day is before me  and I DON'T HAVE FIFTEEN MINUTES LEFT! Consarn it!

Luckily, the day was pretty mundane. I did learn how to make a held keyframe in after effects, then learned about soft skills to help me get a job. It's a thrill a minute around here. I also tried Dust 514 and Iron Man 2 while my wife finished her latest video (I should probably take her lead). More on all three tomorrow, ie in about 6 hours. Sigh...

Movie of the day: Tremors. A Diamond in the rough (much like the main characters), a b-movie with real heart and intelligence. The characters, faced with a horrific menace to fight, AREN'T STUPID. That would normally be enough novelty for a b-action horror but it also throws in subtle character beats, clever set pieces, and as my good friend whom I never actually talk to known as Todd In The Shadows would say, "It's a movie where the heroes EARN their victory". My absolute favorite "big dumb b-movie" that isn't so bad it's good, it's just good.

Song of the day: California Sky by DJ Mighty Mike. This mash up of "Dani California" by RHCP and "touch the sky" by Kanye West began my love affair with Mighty Mikes awesome mash ups. I don't know how he can pick 'em, he just does, and does it good. Those who have been with me since my return will recognise it pretty quickly.


Julia said...

I also fell in love with DJ Mighty Mike's "California Sky," though you got me into it because of your videos!

Speaking of videos, are you ever going to do another Top 11 list anytime soon? You haven't done them in a while, and I miss them. Maybe you can do a Top 11 list of anime that seriously need a re-dub (like Escaflowne, CardCaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, anything by 4Kids, etc.) or a list of just your personal favorites.

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