Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Good, The Bad, And The Exhausted

Have to rush this morning, both my parents and my in-laws decided spontaneously decided to do something that requires me and Jess to babysit their respective kids simultaneously. Since the aforementioned in-laws have to leave early, so did we. I'm actually typing this on the school computer before class starts. Oh well, at least I'll be able to try my parents 3D TV they just got! Should be interesting, I just hope Jess can handle it in her state...

Speaking of school, we as a class just completed an exercise that was given to us after we got a refresher course in illustrator and photoshop. The task was to use a picture of  anyone we could find and Obama-fy it, aka make it look like the 'hope' posters. Here's what my entry looked like!

No, he doesn't have a tiny hat, that's the shadow cast on it.   I should have added an extra line.
I was rather pleased with it, although I do see some flaws. If I had the time I'd probably do "Bad" and "Ugly", but I don't. Mostly because we're moving on to the main assignment of the graphic design segment of the course.

We have to choose a brief and create a set of style frames for a motion graphics project we'll actually develop said project in the motion graphics segment, but for now it's just the graphic design work. I chose to do a redesign of the opening titles of "fringe". Fun, fun!

Movie of the day: Rear Window. Hitchcock at his most famous period, with Jimmy Stewart putting in a very non-George performance. I've noticed it's a lot easier to accept him as an actor when he plays down his trademark accent. The production is tight as you'd expect, the premise is great and the tension really starts to rack up near the end. However, there is one way this movie has not aged well, unlike Psycho or Rope: Near the end of the movie there's an action-y scene after all the tension that's been built up, and it'd be great... If Hitch didin't decide to film it in fast motion. Ruined the mood completely. I'm not sure how the audience in the 50's didn't find it hilarious, but maybe it was a different time. Otherwise excellent.

Song of the day: Que Sera by Wax Tailor. Sure, the constant sampling can grate a little but to be honest that's one of the reason I like it. It's a pretty song that's also a love letter to old movies. The full ablum is fantastic, I wish I could find the bleeding thing in my house!


Anonymous said...

Didn't realize that Obama's campaign posters inspired an art style o_O. Kinda odd to think about honestly hahaha. Your submission does look pretty cool though. Let us know how the 3D TV works (as I myself have also never seen one playing something that is suppose to be in 3D.)Praying the babysitting thing goes well also.

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