Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's The Dripping Of That Hideous Tap!

No sooner do we get a plumber to fix a drip in our tap (or faucet for you zone 1 types) when exactly one day later the thing starts dripping again! Is it a massive coincidence or negligence on the part of the labourer? Maybe he just didn't want to stay in our kitchen longer than he needed to, not that I would blame the guy. Our kitchen's so cramped (in terms of floorspace) Jess probably won't be able to fit into it by the end of her second trimester. Our flat (or apartment for you NTSC types) used to be part of one biggish house that was then converted into three smallish divisions and then rented out. Kitchen size suffered greatly.

Since Jess is currently going through the first "kill me now" stage of pregnancy, where the body is still getting used to supporting an internal parasite and shows this by crippling the host, she's been confined to the bed most of the day. As a result, she's been able to watch all the new series on crunchyroll and show me some of the good ones. Since she also happened to be near a computer while watching them, She wrote down her thoughts on a few. So don't be alarmed if you see a couple of posts from her as well as me in the next few days. I figured it'd be good to have some anime related stuff on here, since that's apparently what I do.

The script for Pokemon 3 is pushing forward but yeah, it'll be done by the end of the week, meaning it's very unlikely it'll be up by the end of this month. To fill my monthly video quota, I'll probably be continuing something that a few people seemed to dig when I tried it earlier: the Nancy Drew Let's Play. I 'm probably going to release three new chapters by the end of the month, just so I can feel like I at least put out something somewhat substantial for you guys.

The reason these things take so long is, of course, due to schoolwork. At the moment I need to redo my most recent assignment to up my grade, plus learn how to use illustrator and photoshop while thinking about my big final project and completing the smaller ones before then! The funny thing is, as I said yesterday, I'd give it all up if I knew I could get a decent income going full time. Unfortunately it's somewhat of a catch-22: I can't get more views without putting out more content, but I can't put out more content (by going full-time) unless I get more views!

Thanks to everyone for their congratulations, it means a lot. Doesn't do jack to make me less terrified, but it still means a lot. 

Movie of the day: Infernal Affairs. It almost sickens me that Imdb doesn't mention this movie anywhere in the trivia for The Departed. For those who don't know, this Hong Kong police thriller is what ispired (and provided most of the story for) the movie that finally got Scorsese his Oscar. It's a wonderfully tight movie that knows exactly where it wants to go. It has a wonderfully original setup, no loose ends are left (at least that I could see) and it provides a fascinating glimpse into the Chinese police force. It also proves something I'm always telling people that Departed tecidedly DIDN'T prove: you don't need to swear every ten seconds to be a tough, gritty movie. Look at Sin City, that only had two swearwords in the whole thing!

Song of the day: Airbrushed by Anamanaguchi. This song got me into the chiptune scene. Amazingly energetic even without lyrics, it gives an awesome hit of gaming nostalgia while also inviting you to rock out.


Anonymous said...

Constant dripping is typically caused by a worn out or improperly installed washer. That isn't always the case but it is the most common one. It's pretty easy to fix too =). I really hope the repair man that tried to 'fix' it will come back and not charge you to actually finish the repair. And poor Jess! I really hope she feels better soon. Praying for ya'll! -Ney

OrangeOctopi said...

I can relate to the kitchen problem. My college apartment is also a divided house, and the kitchen can't fit more than two people at a time.
If I could think of a way to help you get more views, I'd do it, but unfortunately I'm not an expert in such things.

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