Thursday, January 17, 2013

They call me MISTER DuFresne!

Yesterday was pretty darn hectic, having to babysit four cousins, my brother and my pregnant wife simultaneously in the same house with nothing but rice, tuna and Nickelodeon. Luckily Jess has some new medication that seems to be working well, so it wasn't a solo effort. Exhausting though!

Today I am experiencing firsthand the evils of procrastination: I have to not only work on my new project and upload some of my work, but because I put it off so long I also have to finish my redo of my old project by 5pm today! Let this be a lesson to you, boys and girls, never do today what you can do yesterday! Wait...

If all goes well (and probably if it doesn't, let's be honest) I'll have a shiny new episode of Suede Played Nancy Drew up tomorrow! Enjoy my confusion and mild discomfort!

Well, I must dive back into Audition and create non-suckitude for the benefit of my future career! Don't wait up!

Movie of the day: In The Heat Of The Night. Very nice cinematography that doesn't show it's age nearly as much as many other 70's movies (occasional cheesy freeze frame notwithstanding), it has an intriguing mystery that pays off well at the end and the race relations subplot is delivered well without hamfisting it. The chemistry between the two leads is very good, mainly due to Sidney Poitier's always quality performance. It's same there aren't many real powerhouse african-american actors in the film mainstream these days, the only ones I can think of that really bring the shakespearian gravitas to their roles are Morgan Freeman and Samuel L. Jackson, maybe Lawrence Fishbourne. Poitier Is just awesome in this role, and you can feel the importance of the moment where he retaliates against a former slave owner. That was one of the very first times a black man fighting back was shown in the movies, and it's just really satisfying.

Song of the day: Imagine A Jump by DJ Mighty Mike. I love mashups. There's an awesome air of mystery every time you try one out? Will this one be good? Will it be crap? Will it respect both songs? will it be better or worse than the original? This one is one of my favourites, adding hidden depth to one of Van Halen's simplest tunes simply by backing it differently. The chords match up creepily well, too.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Jess is feeling a little bit better. So wait all ya'll had was rice and tuna? Oh my goodness it's a miracle those kids didn't mutiny. Nothing sponge bob can't fix I suppose hahaah. Good luck on your work! I look forward to the upcoming Suede Played =)

Kaiju-Z said...

Whoa, Suede, you're gonna be a daddy?
Congratulations, dude! May the baby be as gorgeous as the parents that made it * A *;;;

Good luck with your projects!

Julia said...

Awww, you're gonna be a dad, Suede? Congrats!

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