Thursday, January 24, 2013

Watch Out For That Deadline!

There! Ha! I said I'd update every day and by golly, I meant it! Of course, I only have 20 minutes to write this until the clock hits 12am, but dang it, I must! Funny how that works, doesn't it? You break the pattern JUST ONCE and you might as well have scrubbed your brain with steel wool for how well it retains the pattern.

I was able to hand in my graphic design project in on time as you know, but today was when we presented them to the rest of the class. The tutor seemed impressed (always good) and it seemed to be on par with the others. I don't know though, I really don't see myself making a career out of photoshop and illustrator, I just can't quite seem to hit the 'literate' stage, they still overwhelm me somewhat. Now After Effects, on the other hand... THAT I seem to be getting the hang of. I'm learning lots and it's staying with me. In fact, I'd probably use my newfound skills to make shiny new intros for my reviews... If I had any time. At the moment I'm still struggling with the script of Pokemon 3 (It's still on track for the end of the month, though) and helping out while Jess is still in Trimester 1. However! I have just now completed the next chapter of Nancy Drew, and it's up on blip now!

 Don't tell anyone on twitter, this shall be a treat for those actually read my blog. Now that I've gotten back into the groove of it, I might be able to release them weekly! Fingers crossed!

Movie of the day: George Of The Jungle.  Every critic has at least one guilty pleasure, and this one's mine! I don't know why, but so many things in this movie just clicked with me. It has such a brisk, fun pace and most of the joke are exaggerated, but not obnoxious. The horse scene is one of my favourite examples of tenderness and wacky humour mixed without jarring. I thoroughly reccomed it as long as you leave 10 or so years at the door.

Song of the day: Till The World Ends by Britney Spears. Guess I'd better follow up a guilty pleasure movie with probably my ultimate guilty pleasure song. I honestly don't even know why, I just dig it. I like the tune, the energy, and the beat, even if it does cause me cognitive dissonance to do so. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry. Please forgive my blasphemy.


DJ Ryudo said...

At first I was like, "YES! A SECRET VIDEO!" Then I saw it was Nancy Drew trying to speak Japanese... Still happy for the new video, but not so sure if I should be so excited to see that game. :P Hahaha

OrangeOctopi said...
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thatgraygirl said...

I hope you can post the Nancy Drew videos regularly. I loved it! Your reaction to the robot cat, I could not stop laughing! :D

And George of the Jungle is a guilty pleasure of mine too. I adore the narrator, I think he's the funniest bit.

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