Monday, January 21, 2013

Only YOU can help me finish my assignment!

All right everyone! I need your help! In order to pass my grade in my Graphic Design assignment I need feed back from the target audience, which would just happen to be... you guys! Or at least all you guys in the 18-39 year old demographic.

How it works is simple: Simply look at these two sets of style frames. Each is meant to represent a pitch for an alternate title sequence for the TV show Fringe. Look through each of the sets, read the description, then place your comment. Please give your age, gender, your choice of which set appeals to you the most and why, and any improvements you think I could make to said set. All right! Here's the first set!

 We see a single thin line travel up the screen, suddenly exploding into multiple paths. The camera pushes in until the screen becomes black with white stripes.

The stripes start branching out in all directions. The camera whips to the right to reveal where three of the paths are headed.

These paths branch out more and more to reveal hundreds of connections. There are minor zooms in time to the music. The camera then pulls all the way back...

...To reveal that the whole thing was just one of the little paths extending from the logo. 

Now, time for Set Two!

We see a mysterious and shiny band of three colours. We pull a superfast zoom out to reveal...

...It was just a pixel on a computer screen, Several subliminal frames of formulae and graphs flicker until a flash cuts us to...

... a book. The camera moves very slowly around the book, when a few flashes cut us to...

...The title on the inside cover.

Well, now it's your turn! What do you think? Which fits the show better? which do you personally prefer? Your answers will be taken into account and used for my upcoming motion graphics project. Thanks again and good luck!


Anonymous said...

Hmm... I have never seen the show before, so I can't give any comments on which fits it best. However, I personally prefer the first. It just seems to me that there is more to it than the second. To me, the more something catches my attention, the more interested I am to seeing it through and possibly what comes after it. So, my choice would be the first one.

I suppose I should leave my information now. I am a male of 24 years (turning 25 this year. And I do not have any suggestions on improving. Good luck, Suede, from a Canadian LDS member!

Evan Z. said...

I am 19 (20 Next Month) and male. I personally like the first one. It seems a lot more intriguing to me with the branching paths and all the images being displayed. I really like how it zooms out to reveal the title. The other one just seems too average to me.

Jackson Godfrey said...

20, Male. I preferred the first. I think it shows the intertwining plot and scale of the show better. I think it'd be better if the fibonacci curve was visibly connected to the other lines.
perhaps a pythagorian triangle and squares for added geometry*shrug*.

Good luck on your assignment Suede!

Anonymous said...

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Set Choice: The first one with branching lines
Reason: I like more abstract and artistic openings whereas the second one just feels... random, is the best word I can come up with. I don't know we're being shown those specific items (the book and computer) so it just seems random. However, the lines and the background artwork of the first one feels abstract and interesting.

Hope that helps. Good luck with your class!

pXm said...

Age: 20 Gender: Male
I prefer Set 1. It was nice to have all of the images in the title of the show, which in my opinion works better and is itself more interesting then the second set. The first set's use of only two colors would catch my eye better, although the the three colored bars was neat and a very cool move.

The RoboKitty said...

I'm 17 and female. I like the first design better. It's dark and intriguing, and it fits the dark and mysterious mod of the show. I really like the network of different branches being connected to the larger whole of the title.

edmg7 said...

Age:22 Gender:Male
Keeping in mind that I've only watched a few episodes of the show, from what I have seen the first one seems to fit better. It feels more mysterious and bizarre which goes well with the atmosphere of the show. The second gives a sci-fi feel, but it seems a bit too generic to get the viewer into the show that they are about to watch.

OrangeOctopi said...

Age: 21 Gender: Female
I preferred set one, as I like the use of fractals and zooming progressively out to show it's all part of a bigger picture. I don't like how the first frame is off center, though that might just be the screen-shot you used.

... yet at the same time I love the pixel idea from set 2 and have to give you kudos for the idea.

Brandon Cracraft said...

Age: 38. Male.

I prefer the second set. It creates a more dynamic look and makes me what to discover what the show is about. While the first allowed for mystery, I think the second one invites discovery and would work better to introduce people to the show for the first time.

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