Monday, February 18, 2013

Beauty Lies Behind The Hills...

...and those hills are big. No sooner do I hand in my typography assignment (it was well received, by the way) then we are handed the major project of the motion graphics module. I have one week to put together the alternate opening to Fringe that I did the style frames for earlier in the year. This coupled with editing the next Pokemon review leads to a pretty daunting workload. However, I was able to finish the previous assignment early yet still be proud of it, maybe I can do the same this week. Details as they occur. Not much else happened today, but I was surprised to find that the Fish and Chip shop on our street has old arcade machines, including Street Fighter and Metal slug! too bad none of them work right...

Movie of the day: This Is Not A Film. Warning: This is also not an exciting film. In fact, at times it is downright boring. However the story behind it makes it worth at least a look. It's a documentary of sorts chronicling the daily life of an Iranian director who is about to be taken to prison and banned from making films for the next 20 years because his films spoke ill of the government. The film is a very intriguing slice of life that shows the oppression occurring in Iran and how it's affecting a man who just lives for making films. It was also smuggled out of Iran on a usb stick that was hidden inside a cake! You almost feel like a spy or a voyeur watching it.

Song of the day: Run Boy Run by Woodkid. This guy probably has the most hipster sounding stage name I've ever heard ("You ever heard of Woodkid? He's opening for Splitfinger and The Patch Muffins next Tuesday. No? I'm not surprised, he's pretty underground..."), but you can't argue with his output, no you can not. The video for this song was nominated for a grammy, and I can definitely see why, the thing's glorious. The song coupled with the sublime editing in the video resonate emotionally on a very primitive and basic level, and I really dig that. See it before he sells out (kidding).


Fusionater said...

Well damn...all I can say about all that is...good luck finishing it, honestly, that's a bad bit of luck right there. :(

I actually recently found an arcade machine with a lot of the old classics on it...I can never get Mortal Kombat to work right...but other than that, it's pretty cool. :)

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