Friday, February 1, 2013

He Was So Nimble Toed

Well, today was one of those days when nothing especially happened. It was a tutors-only day at the college, so I had naught to do but work on the script and relax. I'm hoping against hope I can finish the thing by tomorrow evening. Like Linkara, I work best under pressure, so we'll see what happens.

Poor Jess has taken a turn for the worse, she's been pretty much bedridden of late. however she has been taking advantage of the situation to watch a lot of anime. She's just finished another series, so perhaps you'll see another review up here soon. She also finally got her birthday present from her best friend in America: The first four .Hack games for the PS2! I do hope I'll see her again before the end of the first trimester...

Movie of the day: The Wind In The Willows (ie Mr. Toad's Wild Ride). I'm actually writing this as the end credits roll. I'd only ever seen snippets of this movie all through my life, and now I've finally been able to see it all the way through, it's... well, I guess I agree with Doug, it's pretty forgettable and nothing really stands out. However! There's one thing you can't deny, and that is that it does ooze that quirky british charm and it's one of those movies that feels like the cast and crew had a ton of fun making it. Not only that, but it has nearly all the Pythons and even Steven Fry popping in for a cameo! Mostly harmless, but I was charmed by it. Badger was awesome.

Song of the day: 23 Hanashi by Yoko Kanno. Quite an obscure one, but this is one of my favourite soundtrack pieces in anime. Only problem was that you had to get the limited edition soundtrack to own it! Beautiful build up, exquisite payoff, unnerving yet relaxing at the same time and I'm sure I've heard that soundscape at the beginning used somewhere else, but I can't quite place it. Maybe I'll remember it tomorrow. Recommended just as you're going to sleep as I am. Goodnight!


Julia said...

You're listening to Yoko Kanno too?! Awesome! I got into her thanks to Escaflowne! If you really want some Yoko Kanno awesomeness, listen to this piece:

Also, I hope your wife feels better soon. It must suck to be bedridden.

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