Friday, February 15, 2013

Trying To Get Some Rest

Can't type much tonight. Typography assignment more work than expected. Planning to work all flipping day tomorrow. Weekend gone. Teacher can rot in pits of Hades. Show you all tomorrow. Wife feeling better. Nice people brought chinese. Haven't had good chinese in a while. Time to work. Time to die.

Movie of Day: V for Vendetta. Origin of symbol used by Anonymous. Not sure if they got the point. Movie good, better than Moore gives credit for. Ignore political agenda of screenwriters, overall sentiment sound. Very emotionally effective, harrowing at times. Something different, yet still thrilling and fun. Recommended.

Song of Day: Paranoid Android by Radiohead. Calm yet angry, melodic yet noisy. So good Ergo Proxy used it in end credits. Guitar break favourite part.


Fusionater said...

ok, I feel like a bit of an a** for a few reasons...

a. I didn't keep up on your blog...granted...prior to mid january, it wasn't being updated regularly...but I still said I would!

b. Congratulations man! I'm happy for you and your wife!

c. I saw that kickstarter idea you posted, I may only be able to contribute a few dollars if you do that, but if you do it, I guardsmen I will back it. Are you still planning to do it?

Ok, that's out of the way, I'll try and keep myself up to date on your blog.

As for today's blog....can't say I know much about it, but good luck in the Typography! and your movie and song...I haven't seen the movie(yet) and I haven't heard the song. :p

And now, for business! (raises triumphant finger and points to the air). Yeah, I do this with every blog I like, so yes, this is partially me being a solicitor(I'm pretty sure I'm using that word in the wrong sense). :p
Would you be interested in posted your blog on ? It may help you get a few more views for it, and, honestly, it would be pretty cool to have you post there. :)

Businessy stuff over! Good luck with all of your projects man(especially the one with 2 heads). :D

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