Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Hard To Explain

Curses! I wanted to fix the problems on the Ident I made in class yesterday and show it to you guys today, I even saved the file in a backwards compatible format... it just wasn't backwards compatible enough. I saved it as a AE CS5.5, and I took it home to find that the program I have on my current system is CS 5.0. Give me a break. Next time I'll just export it at school and bring it home, shouldve done tat to begin with. Can't do that for a while though, because Hooray! It's the weekend! I actually have some time on my hands for the first time in forever, since I don't have any pending projects and I have to wait for Linkara and JW to record their lines. The possibilities lie before me... I could record two or three new episodes of the Nancy Drew Let's Play, I could write a new AMV Heaven, I haven't done that in a while... Heck I could even continue the Fanfiction I started writing to see if I have any kind of fiction-writing talent! No, I won't tell you what fandom it is or where to find it, I want it to be anonymous (at least until I get some unbiased feedback). It's funny isn't it, hw too much choice can sometimes be worse than not enough... I just hope I don't squander it. I guess you guys'll find out if I do!

Played the demo for the new Sly Cooper game. Jess is a huge fan and even though I was more of a Jak and Daxter child, Jess bought the HD collection and has been showing me it's awesomeness. Those games had so much in them, man! They were really long for platformers, the value for money was insane! Sucker Punch really does get shoved under the radar, but they're one of the most consistently good companies out there, and I can't wait to see what they do next.

Movie of the day: Ladyhawke. I realised only recently that my movie education was severely lacking when it came to the old 80's style fantasy movies like Willow, Legend, Ladyhawke etc, so I'm setting out to rectify that. Despite Matthew Broderick's Brodericking and accent-slippage, the film actully stands up very well today. The story is tight and uncomplicated, the cinematography and costumes are beautiful, and Rutger Hauer continues to be one of the most underrated actors of his generation. There's only one aspect of this that really did NOT age well, and boy is it hard to get past: the music. 80's power guitar CAN work in a fantasy setting, but cheesy Casio Synthesizer? No, no, NO! It just killed the immersion whenever it showed up. Luckily it tones down near the end.

Song of the day: Nightcall by Kavinsky. Now this is 80's synthesizer done right. It's original, it's catchy, the melody is very pretty, it's dark as anything but retains an air of cocky coolness (which I suppose is the acid test for all 80's pop stylings). Play it when you're driving through the city at night and feel like the ultimate boss.


Julia said...

Oh you're writing fan fiction? Awesome! I'd love to see what it's like! I'm an amateur fan fiction writer myself, and I'm working on chapter 94 of my Digimon fanfic, Digimon: A Seraphic Tale. Glad to see you have time on your hands, though we'd love to see more Fandom Stranger. You haven't done one in years.

Blondie said...

Nancy Drew! Go for Nancy Drew! More robotic cat please! :D Or enjoy your weekend off, we all deserve one of those once in a while.

Also, love Ladyhawke! Haven't watched it in a while, no I feel the need to do so. So thanks for the reminder!

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