Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Your Head Will Collapse, But There's Nothing it, And You Ask Yourself...

Hooray! DLC for Skyrim at frickin' last! Hasn't it been, like over a year now? So far it looks awesome, especially the Lovecraftian vibe and tentacled abominations. It'll definitely last me until next week, that's for sure!

We had to rush through class today, as the computers had to be moved. Unfortunately, the 3D photo I finished wasn't rendered, so I wasn't able to bring a movie file home. However! I did manage to get a movie file of the second stylized logo I did:

I wish I could say I figured out how to put all that together on my own, but it was pretty much a step by step tutorial. I did take it all in though, and I'm sure I could recreate it. I learned about linking effects to sliders, complex stuff. Next we have to apply what we have learned and put together some Kinetic Typography. Should be tough!

Jess is improving at a good rate, I can breathe a little easier. Nancy Drew is completely done, just need to upload it. Should be done and scheduled by tomorrow evening. Hope you guys like it!

Movie of the day: The Third Man. I feel like this was the first time a movie was really built up around the wrong star (hey, a second meaning to the title!). I always thought this was one of Orson Welles' big roles, but he's barely in it! Other than that, it is an intriguing picture if you're willing to put up with the slow pace. The dutch tilts got a bit much at times, though.

Song of the day: Where Is My Mind? by Yoav ft. Emily Browning. The first  half of this song is just sublime, and because of that it's really disappointing when it goes into really generic territory in the second half. I love the original by The Pixies, but at least for those first three glorious minutes. this arrangement blows it out of the water.  


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