Friday, February 22, 2013

I Should Have Seen You Were Trouble Right From The Start

And so the slog continues. I wasn't able to finish the project today, even after working about eight hours on it. I'll have to finish it off tomorrow, but darn it it's not coming out the way I wanted. Sure, it's serviceable enough, but it just doesn't look as professional as I would like. I think the reason was that I have the drive and the vision, I just didn't quite have the experience and know-how to pull off  what I had in mind just yet. It's the equivelant of "eyes bigger than your stomach" and I think it's one of the biggest banes of arts students everywhere, I think. I've met so many students at my school that have these genuinely good and epic ideas that do sound awesome, but they just can't comprehend that they don't have the capability to pull it off yet. THey want their pet projects realised NOW, dagnabbit! Trust me on this one: If you can pull off a small, tight and perfectly executed idea, it's worth a billion high-concept flops. That's my experience, anyway  Take it or leave it.

Hearthfire is strangely enjoyable, a lot more so than I thought it would be! I just hope I can get some more variety in decorating choices eventually.

Movie of the day: Shattered Glass. I reccomend this movie heartily for three reasons: One, it's a rarity in film in that Hayden Christiansen actually acts well in it, Two, it's one of the most realistic fictional portrayals of print journalism, and three, it captures perfectly on film the knotted feeling of being caught in a lie. I just find it fascinating for that. It's based on a fascinating true story too!

Song of the day: Do For Love by Tupac Shakur. I actually prefer the remix version of this song that has a backing by the late, great Nujabes found here: This is the only Tupac song I really like, not just because it's one of the only ones where he doesn't swear, but you can feel that he's really putting himself out there, and some of his concerns do resonate well, even if you haven't experienced those problems yourself. Don't like the guy, love this song.


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