Thursday, February 28, 2013

Everybody Got That?

Don't feel like typing. Not much happened anyway. DVD authoring class sucked out my fun, so I got some more from Dawnguard (love the armored huskies) and got started on the editing for Pokemon 3 now that there's FINALLY enough to go on. Gonna be hard to get back into the groove...

Yeaah, I got nothing, here's a video of Charizard coming back.


Movie of the day: Spaceballs. Now that everyone knows the "Hello my baby" gag from Aliens: Colonial Marines, make time to find out where it came from! There about a gajillion other golden moments in this movie, and it's a better story than the prequel trilogy, not that that's hard... Watch it before the J.J. Abrams movie comes out and jump on the bandwagon early.

Song of the day: Genesis Of Next by Globe. I Don't normally like yen minute long techno songs, but this one's melodic enough to hold my attention the whole time. Probably one of my all time favourite trance pieces.


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