Thursday, February 14, 2013

I See Dead Projects

Hmm. This project is going to be darn tricky. As I mentioned briefly before, I have to take a sound clip of at least 30 seconds and create a full sequence of kinetic typography to match up to it.

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Here's an example of good kinetic typography:

I don't quite have to make it that good or polished (although it would obviously get me brownie points if I did), and it has to be done by Tuesday, I think. It'll be interesting seeing the end, right? I just hope I'll be able to... I have this problem, you see, and it extends into nearly every aspect of my life. I usually enjoy working hard on something I'm passionate about, but for absolutely no reason getting me to actually sit down and get it started is like pulling teeth. I need to start getting into the mindset of enjoying the idea of work, or my life is going to get severely screwed, really fast.

On a lighter note, the next let's play is done, dusted and scheduled for Friday! As a bonus to all you super awesome fans who actually follow my blog, here it is early to you!

Movie of the day: The Sixth Sense. A lot of people tend to forget this, but there was a time when everyone was excited to see what the next M. Night Shyamalan movie would be. He's had such a fascinating fall from grace, where at the beginning of his career his name was used to sell movies, whereas now a movie has to obscure his name from the production to be taken seriously (see After Earth). It's almost Wellesian in a way. Here's the thing, though: He was, and technically still is (from purely an aesthetic standpoint) a very good filmmaker. The choices made in this film were just spot on, and there really is a reason everyone loved it when it came out, and it wasn't just for the twist. It still stands up really well, although now there's a side dish of pity for the director's career...

Song of the day: Crazy In Love by Antony And The Johnsons. Yesterday I showed an excellent cover of a great song that kind of got worse after the second half. Here is a mind-blowing cover of a dumb song that's good all the way through it's running time. The emotion this guy just pours into every syllable of what should be such shallow lyrics, the etherial instrumentation... It's certainly on par with Johnny Cash's 'Hurt' in terms of covers that blow the original out of the water. It's such a sad song, all of a sudden! Happy Valentine's Day!


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Happy Valentine's Day, Suede!

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