Saturday, February 16, 2013

Now, Where Was I?

I did it! I flippin' did it! Granted, it's not quite as polished as it could have been, but it is out of my sight. I'm still proud of it, though! Whatcha think?

Ugh, this month's going to be disgusting, I can feel it. First I half kill myself getting this done by Sunday (It's due on Monday, but I don't work on Sunday for both religious and health reasons), and now because Linkara is delayed in sending his footage to me for completely excusable reasons I'll probably really have to stretch myself to the limit to get it done in time. Oh well, at least I got a bit of Dragonborn time in there. Apocrypha is best daedric realm!

Otherwise, the day hasn't been terribly eventful, mainly due to the work mentioned above, but we were able to get some good eats on my parent's dime (yes, they were aware we were doing it)! I got a pork belly and hollandaise pizza. The taste was a bit confused, but pork belly never tastes 'bad', so it was still an enjoyable experience.

Movie of the day: Cinderella. We were house sitting for my parents and since they actually use the TV for TV(as in they have a cable), we always see what's on. First thing that was on: Cinderella III on Disney Junior. I remember the Nostalgia Chick said that it was the least horrible "disney sequel" and I'd have to agree after seeing it. Mostly it is schmaltzy and cringe-worthy, but there are a surprising amount of genuine laughs (Prince's Mother's portrait) and even some really good kick-butt moments ("bad kitty!"). I was pleasantly surprised, I really was! Then we switched over to the main Disney Channel and what should be on it but the original Cinderella! That one I can always recommend, if only for the outstanding villain. Lady Tremaine is just personal human evil personified.

Song of the day: Wish You Were Here By Pink Floyd. This came on the radio while I was driving to get the pizza, and as I listened to it (cranked up and singing along, of course) I was reminded as to just how good these guys were, especially in terms of lyrics. I normally don't even listen to lyrics, they just pass over, another instrument. But Floyd's are just so good, so well placed, eloquent and music-enhancing that I can't help but really listen to them and contemplate them. Rant over.


Fusionater said...

In regards to your typography work, it sort of reminds me of what people on youtube do when they create Book Trailers, was that the idea? I personally liked it.

I don't think any of your fans would hold it against you if you were a little late, is it usually the editing that takes you the longest? Or the writing?

Food is food, enjoyed no matter who pays the price. (;

Ah! See, I have a degree of knowledge about this film! ok, Cinderella is a classic, my favorite moments in the film have always belonged to the Mice, this is actually true for all three movies, with Jaq especially, they are such fun characters.

AH...I haven't heard this song(I don't listen to a whole lot of music) though, ironically, I did have a Pink Floyd T-shirt at one point(and i might still have it somewhere) :p

John Smith said...

Nice job on the Typography but I have to ask... what's a Hollandaise Pizza? I make Hollandaise Sauce so I know what that is but on a Pizza...huh.
My recommendation on food, try Hollandaise Sauce with Asparagus definitely a good combination.

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