Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Can I Handle The Seasons Of My Wife?

Today was meant to be one of those days where not much happened. I was going to go to school, head home at 12 and then hopefully begin work editing Pokemon 3 (Linkara sent me the voice over, but not the video yet). Maybe a little Skyrim before bed, that kind of thing. This was denied me. Instead I got a call from my wonderful wife at about 11:40.

"William, could you please take me to the midwife's appointment today? It's no pressure, I'm able to drive myself, it would just be a really big help if you did, I'm not feeling so good..."

"sure, I guess. Where are you now?"

"...Outside in the car. Love you!"

The woman knows me too well. After the very long appointment with the midwife, we found we needed to get an ultrasound and another blood test, quick smart. However, we had to wait about an hour and a half before the appointments, and the house was very far away, so we decided to eat out. After a lot of indecision, we landed ourselves pretty much at random at a thai restaurant on a street corner. It was the BEST thai food I had ever had in my life. I mean, it was like all the regular thai I had eaten before today was really those cheeky waiters slipping me the plastic display dishes. Each bite was seriously like an explosion of new and unique flavours with every mouthful, these guys were freakin' surgeons with coconut and chili.  It was one of those meals which left you with a warm glow in the pit of your stomach, a once-in-a-decade chance discovery.

Of course, the day could only get worse from a high point like that. Luckily,'worse' in the case of that benchmark means 'awesome'. We got the ultrasound and found that the baby was doing great, and was now in the shape of a baby! Legs and everything! We have photos, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow as I can't be bothered hooking up the scanner just now. I just wish I could have chosen the pictures we could keep. Ultrasounds are awesome, but they can be pretty dang creepy too! You see, the image just cuts through the layers of sound like an x-ray, so the whole experience was basically "hey, I can see It's head! Awesome! There's the nose... Oh, and there's the little brain, too! And... the rib cage... and oh look I can see the heart... kidneys... eye sockets... *faint*" Seriously, one image made the baby's face look like the Decepticon logo if H.R Giger designed it. I really wish I could have shown you guys.

After that we got the blood test (which I love watching out of a healthy sense of hypocrisy , got some groceries, hired some videos from the greatest video store in the southern hemisphere, http://www.aliceinvideoland.co.nz/ , then we headed home at about 6:15. I may not have done what I was planning to do, but I sure am glad of it. Sleep mode activated.

Movie of the day: Sleeping Beauty. Yeah, it's a bit dated and the characters (apart from Maleficent and the fairies) are all very one-dimensional, but at the same time that's almost what I find appealing about it. It's pretty much THE STORY, distilled to it's purest form. The forces of light overcome the forces of darkness, I don't know there's always something primally satisfying about that plot if it's done with feeling. You know what else is primally satisfying? The most Freakin' sweet Dragon in the history of animation. In terms of visceral awesomeness, I'd even put it above Toothless. Just wish the wings were a bit bigger.

Song of the day: Landslide by Fleetwood Mac. I normally don't like Country/western stylings that often, and I've heard really trite and annoying covers of this song all my life, so I'd grown to resent it. Then the original came on the radio the other day and I decided to give it one more chance. This song (meaning the Fleetwood Mac version and NO others) is painfully personal. This woman put herself completely into this song, you can just feel it. The lyrics are heartfelt and poetic without resorting to cliches, and it has a very mature message. I apologize  Stevie Nicks. you are awesome.


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