Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keep It Cool

I am WAY more jealous of this than I should be:

I know I'm not as famous as NC (heck, JesuOtaku or Sage would probably be a likelier candidate than me T.T) but gosh darn it I WANT IT! They acted pretty unrealistically though, when you think about it. I doubt those two would react so calmly...

Since we found that the anti-nausea medication might not be healthy for the baby, Jess is trying out hose acu-pressure bands. Fingers crossed, they work! We finished the technical chapters of After Effects in class, and now we're moving on to our first assignment: Building an ident for our own filming company! I'll be sure to show you guys when it's done. However, before that we have a New Zealand exclusive holiday tomorrow (Waitangi day), so I'm going to be spending all day... working furiously on the Pokemon review! The things I sacrifice for you people...

Movie of the day: Inception. I feel kind of bad that this movie's been made fun of so much and memed to within an inch of it's life, it kind of caused people to forget just how awesome and different it was. I was able to follow the story okay, but that's only because I was warned to never stop paying attention. It's certainly not a casual movie, but I love the idea of the mega-budget thinking man's action movie, even if it's only pulled of very rarely. Also, Gasp! no swearing or explicit sexual content! See, Hollywood? You CAN still make money off of movies like that without pandering!

Song of the day: Just Hustle by The Reborn Identity. This song got me back into mashups after a long absence. This, to me, sounds way better than the original mix, and it matches up so perfectly it's almost suspicious. What haven't you been telling us, Miss Gaga? Oh and by the way... this version really does make me want to dance.


John Smith said...

I groaned when I figured out what you were referencing, I cheated and googled it, shoulda figured that one out but all I could think of was that you were referencing some rare/obscure anime/manga or something, oh well.

Also really? there's no swearing or explicit sexual content in Inception, that's the first time I've heard something interesting about that movie, I mean I know its a good movie and all (and for some reason I even own a copy even though I don't remember buying it) but I've never felt compelled to give it a second viewing. Until now.

Finally, OMG I KNOW! This is amazing, all I could think of was who else might be hidden in an anime somewhere that we don't about yet... and what your reaction would be if you, Linkara and Jewario all suddenly made a cameo as 3 judges in a pokemon episode. XD

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