Thursday, February 7, 2013

Oh, Please Just... Let Me Please Break Down

Ugh. Well, I finished recording my lines for the Pokemon 3 review. Things are moving forward! Now I just need to play the waiting game with Linkara and JW for their lines. Then the real fun begins! It's actually been quite a productive day, I worked my rear end off to make an ident for my "company" in After Effects in under four hours. I quite like how it turned out, although I can see some flaws now. I would show you... but I forgot to save the After Effects file in a reverse compatible format. So, I'll fix that tomorrow and show you then!

We also received the My Little Pony Comic we ordered! There is one and precisely one comic shop on Christchurch, so we reserved a folder and asked that any and all MLP comics be placed in there when they come in or they restock. It looks like issue 2 restocked! The art style is fantastic, reminiscent of the show while retaining it's own style, which is flippin' manic! Some of the expressions are just priceless! Maybe I'll put some scans up later, but right now, I must rest...

Movie of the day: Groundhog Day. I seem to be segueing nicely between movies from day to day, with Inception leading to Source Code, so I'll mention this one as it's probably the first movie you think of when describing Source Code's plot: "It's like Groundhog day, but sci-fi and gritty".  This is my Mum's numer one favourite movie, and it's definitely my favourite romantic comedy. Everything just clicks and gels together beautifully. They wring as many jokes as they can out of the premise, and then they stop. It has a good redemption message, and you think about how it applies to your life afterwards (one of the signs of a truly great movie). I also like that we never find out why this is happening to Phil. I know it was explained in the early script, but I think it was a bold move for Harold Ramis to simply say, "it's really not necessary". I also like how this is unintentionally one of the few thoroughly buddhist movies in mainstream hollywood.

Song of the day: Breakdown by Handsome Boy Modeling School featuring Jack Johnson. This song is the music equivalent of a good friend sitting you down and saying, "Look, just shut up and take it easy, man! Geez!" Jack Johnson suits Trip-Hop surprisingly well... This one always helps me unwind.


Ninten said...

Thank you for all the hard work you're doing for us fans and keeping us posted! Hope the rest of your week goes well!

Incidentally Groundhog day is perhaps my favorite movie of all time as well.

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