Monday, February 25, 2013

Well, It's Too Late To Say You're Sorry

Well, I've finally got some free time now that we've moved on to the 'learning' part of the next module, but here's the strange thing... I really don't want it. I actually really wish I could have gotten you Pokemon 3 this month, but because of the completely unforeseeable incident of Linkara's illness, I simply wasn't able to. I didn't have time to get another video ready either, so I'm afraid I'll have to put out another Suede Played. It really bugs me, as I really don't want to fall into obscurity again and I hate disappointing you guys. However, once Linkara finally recovers I will work as fast as I can to get it done by the middle of the month. I'm sorry this had to happen but there really wasn't anything I could have done.

There really wasn't much else that happened today; I presented my project which was certainly in the top 3 in the class, which was a load off my mind and good reassurance that it turned out ok. After that I exhaled the breath I had held in for the last few days and blobbed like I had never blobbed before, which is one of those things which feels really awesome, but is very boring to hear about. It's like dreams in that way.

Movie of the day: Mary Poppins. Everything just kind of clicked with this movie, didn't it? There's just something about it, even the dreadful accent of Dick van Dyke becomes strangely charming on repeated viewings. It's sweet without being stupid, smart without being pretentious, quirky without being strange. It's one of those rare movies where the parents enjoy it just as much as the kids, not because of the jokes aimed at them, but because of how it instills that sense of childhood fun (and fear) within them. A really nice film to come back to.

Song of the day: About Her by Malcolm Mclaren. An obscure little piece from the Kill Bill volume 2 soundtrack, But it really packs an emotional punch, especially if you've scene it goes with. Quite impressive for what's essentially just a remix of "she's not there" by The Zombies (itself a fun little tune, if not very dramatic).  


thatgraygirl said...

I love your 'Suede Played' videos so no need to apologize to me at least :D Good luck with the videos!

Julia said...

That's alright, Suede. You did the best you could, and stuff just happens. It's not your fault. We can wait, and I don't think you'll fall into obscurity. Have you seen your page on TV Tropes? Stuff happens to everyone whether they want it or not.

PLN9FOS said...

One thing did sort of confuse me about how you're fretting about the Pokemon 3 video, and that's that I'm not sure if you're referring to February or March when saying that you wish you could have gotten the video out 'this month.' But like you said, Linkara falling ill was nothing that you could foresee. While I used to be more curious about what took some of your videos so long, I quickly got what answers I needed by checking out your account here; I now understand what the deal is and am totally cool with any waits that may come up. I don't know how much a comment such as that one means from someone like myself who is probably not fitting to be an opening act internet-wise, but it is my take on things after knowing what causes any potential waits for your bigger videos.

And personally, not a single video of yours thus far has been disappointing, in my opinion, including the Suede Played series. Heck, your submissions are the only group of videos on the site where I can attest to watching every video that I've seen so far more than once, because they are just that much fun to watch. Again, I dunno how much a comment like this means coming from someone who hasn't made anything very productive themselves, but it is my honest belief on the matter.

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