Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Here Comes The Judge

Got to love the rush posts, but by golly I must keep my resolution! ...Even though I started late... Hey, shut up!

Learned a bit more about applying the skills we've learned in After Effects. Tomorrow I'll show you what we put together. It looks very nice, very professional. We also made a rostrum which I can't show you now because I'm lazy and forgot to bring it home. double feature tomorrow, I guess...

Jess and I were finally able to visit the doctor today to ask about the anti-nausea medicine that we stopped taking because of a no-pregnancy warning we found on the label. Luckily the doctor was able to call up the Department Of Medicine and confirm that it's perfectly safe, the warning was just an insurance safety from when it was unproven, and they just never bothered to alter it. Hooray! maybe now Jess can get some sleep...

Still waiting on my collaborator's footage, but until then my next Let's play is almost ready, and should be on the site by friday. Two videos in one month! It's a miracle...

Movie of the day: 12 Angry Men. I know that there are multiple holes in this courtroom drama (one of the jurors would have been dismissed on the spot for producing a knife) but it's still a great mystery with a good reveal, excellent pace and tension for a one room movie, and one of the awesomest anti-prejudice scenes in movie history.

Song of the day: Here Comes The Judge by Pigmeat Markham. This song was released in 1968. Dang. That beat is amazingly modern and tight, and the guy raps amazingly for what may be the first rap in the sense we think of it in history. All that and it's funny, too!


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