Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tell Him Everything's Going To Be Fine

Ugh. It took me all flippin' day, but FINALLY I was able to finish the script for Pokemon 3! Huzzah! It was dang hard. As mentioned before, I had to deal with writers block, working around schedules, all that AND it was inherently hard to write funny because it was actually a good movie! Hopefully it says all that I wanted it to (and doesn't offend anyone).

Well! The new Nostalgia Critic is up! I personally think it's a fine return to form although it's strange, I could almost feel him kind of settling into his groove again after an awkward beginning. How is that even possible in an edited video? It's either a coincidence or pure genius on Doug's part, and I'm not sure which is more unrealistic! I'm just glad he's back.

Movie of the day: Source Code. It's really been a while since mainstream movies that HAVEN'T been directed by Christopher Nolan have engaged in any good old fashioned brain-bending, which is why this one's a breath of fresh air. It actually reminds me of Nolan's early work, especially Memento, although a nice difference is that there's actual optimism in this movie, a marked difference from the aforementioned director's work. It was a good romp that made you think, and I really wish more action/thrillers were like that (if I haven't made that clear over the last few days). Good job, David Bowie's son!

Song of the day: Let's Go by Stuck In The Sound. I love a real "get up and go" song that makes you feel confident and optimistic, yet this one still instills it with a sense of cynicism and concern. I didn't understand half the lyrics to this song, but that's the vibe I got from it. Awesome.


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