Monday, February 11, 2013

Crazy, Am I?

It was a pretty relaxed day today.  At school we were shown an after effects template and we were to put different pictures as appropriate. It was actually a template for the grammy awards, which was kind of fun. I just hope it's not conditioning us for the kind of mind-numbing work we'll have to put up with just out of school, although to be honest that's probably exactly what it is.

We were also let out early because they had to elcome the newcomers to the lower class, the one I did last year. I'm still not sure I made the right choice of school, but hopefully what I've learned will help me get a job in America (or anywhere for that matter, I just want to provide a steady income.

Oh! Bonus for being so patient: I actually had the foresight to bring my flashdrive to class so i can show you guys the ident I did in After Effects for my own theoretical production company. This is the FIRST DRAFT, with many flaws. but I still dug it. Whatcha think?

Movie of the day: Frankenstein (1930's). I thought it would be fun to watch the really old classic horrors and see what made them s special. Despite a few elements of the time (when has fast motion EVER worked in a non-comedy setting?), It's actually very effective in terms of atmosphere and the acting is wonderful. Dr. Frankenstein is great, really good at the intelligent-yet-crazed looks, but that monster... I know he's not portrayed as intelligent as he is in the book but the emotions this guy can portray under a metric ton of make up is staggering. Having a mentally disabled brother, I can cofirm that Boris Karloff really nails the feel.

Song of the day: Crazy Avalanches by DJ Cheekyboy. This is a great example of a perfect thematic mashup. Both the songs play off each other exceptionally well, I even made an AMV to it back in the day! Maybe you'll see it sometime...


Ninten said...

Love the theoretical production video! Where did you get the music?

As someone whose undergrad is liberal arts (Double make in Religious Studies and Humanities) and finishing a master in Religion I can attest to difficulty in finding work in areas that aren't teaching (which is my goal)

However I have to say there are very few degrees that just line you up for a job...degrees are important but equally important are your skills, attitude and personality.

As long as you keep doing what you know is right and working hard I think everything will work out for you!

Suede said...

The music came from the most amazing soundtrack guy on the net at . All of his music is free to use by anyone, for anything. no strings attached. Seriously, NONE. Thanks for the encouragement!

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