Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm Not Sleeping Now, I'm Wide Awake

Some good news and bad news about my upcoming Pokemon review! Get the good news out of the way to ease your minds: It's going well, and it will DEFINITELY be released this month. Bad news: I think it's going to kill me. The reason it's been taking so long to get it out is for three reasons: One, I've had other ideas that had to be done first, and I only have time in the month to put together one video well. I felt like my Pikachu Shorts videos and the Christmas episode needed to be made before my next review, so I had to do that. Second, during the month of January when I wanted to work on it, we had a nasty project at school that took up more of my time than I thought it would. I still worked on it, but I had to cop out with a let's play, mainly because third, I have had an enormous writer's block regarding the review since December. There have been afternoons when I had tons of time to work on it, but the whole thing ended up as a staring session at the monitor. Finally, finally it clicked, and now everything is on the fast track. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep this month! At least I'll have some sympathy with Jess...

Movie of the day: The Lovely Bones. I have not read the book, so I can't really comment on that aspect. However, I'm still not sure why so much hate is poured on it. I can see the flaws (some of the fantasy sequences are a bit jarring) But I personally really liked how everything looked like a 70's photograph and dang, can Peter Jackson do tension! I know he had a background in horror (everyone in NZ does) but I could just feel every muscle in my body completely tensing up in some scenes, it was almost unbearable. Certainly an uncomfortable watch, but an intriguing one.

Song of the day: United State Of PoP 2012 by DJ Earworm. Probably should have brought this one out at NewYears, but here it is. I love this guy's stuff. Every year he brings out a mashup of the top 25 pop songs of the year all at the same time, and they're always awesome. I find a sweet irony in the fact that most of his songs are better than all of the top 25 songs of year put together when that's exactly what it is!


Jonathan M said...

Looking forward to it!

Ninten said...

Exciting news! Good luck and Godspeed with the work! ^_^

Blondie said...

Very excited for your next Pokemon review (no rush!) but I hope you don't consider your Nancy Drew LP's as a cop-out. I am loving those just as much as the review! I can't wait to see how you handle more of the robotic cat :D

Good luck with your videos and with real life!

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