Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is It Bright Where You Are?

Welp, I promised yesterday and now I deliver! Here are the latest photos of my spawn!

Already it is a thumbsucker. Already it has brought shame to this family.

Yeah, actually seeing it on screen is quite a wake up call (if the original announcement wasn't enough of one) that there really is a living creature in there that I will have to love unconditionally. In some ways it's really strange, in other ways it's strangely awesome, but most of all it's downright terrifying. Despite that, I'm oddly serene about it, probably because there's really nothing I can do about it. Still amazing, though.

Otherwise, at school we're learning how to put DVD menus together. It's a three week module. Even my tutors think it's a waste of time. At least that means I'll have more time to edit. Huzzah! Ugh... 

Movie of the day: Basil, The Great Mouse Detective. I'm not sure if I agree with Doug that this is a huge unrecognised classic. I felt like the timing and pacing was off in places. However I will agree with him in that Ratigan is a great unrecognised Disney villain. The way he just seethes, the primal rage that he worked s hard to conceal bubbling a hai's width below the surface, is pure animated awesomeness, as is the final showdown. It's also always nice to hear the dulcet tones of Alan Young doing his inimitable brogue as well.

Song of the day: The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning by Smashing Pumpkins. Whatever your thoughts on the Watchmen movie, Ido appreciate it for bringing this otherwise obscure b-side (from the Batman and Robin soundtrack, of all places!) from a great band into a more deserving light. Depressing but with a triumphant and hopeful note in the middle, this can either sink you further into the depths of depression or help you out of it. I love songs like that. 


thatgraygirl said...

Congrats, Suede! Major congrats to you and your wife! Is it too early to tell the gender yet?

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