Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday, Part The Third

Yet another lazy Sunday, as all Sundays really should be. You know what that mean? MEDIOCRE SKETCHES! Yaaaay...

This started out as me trying my hand at a new style of nose design (I have weird creative tangents, okay?), and I ended up drawing the slimiest person I have ever drawn. I also wanted to try out an afro, with disappointing results. Agent Crick & Agent Fuller: One's a Vampire. One's a werewolf. They're in the FBI. Can they EVER get along?
Trying out a dynamic grup pose with my favourite Pokemon party. Very amateurish all around but I did like the perspective on Scizor (haven't been able to recreate it since) and Mewto looks pretty cool.
...and here's one I did today. Thought I'd try doing an Unreal Tournament style Egyptian cyborg. I enjoyed putting snake and bird motifs in there, and the shoulder pad was me really challenging myself with 3D armor. I think it turned out ok!

Movie of the day: Where The Wild Things Are. I heard that this movie got a bit of executive meddling after Spike Jonze put his first cut forward for being to adult-oriented. I can definitely see that, and occasionally the tone of this cut is very muddled, not sure whether it's meant to be family-friendly or not. However, the sense of wonder is second to none, the cinematography is gorgeous when the sun s out, and they really nail how a child thinks and speaks. It's definitely more if an experience than a story, and if you go into it with that mentality, It is a very zen piece of filmmaking.

Song of the day: Still Alive BY LISA MISKOVSKY. The capitalisation is to distinguish it from the other song called "still alive" that everyone knows. I loved Mirror's Edge way more than I should have, and this is a very atmospheric song that somes up the beautiful-dystopia feel perfectly.


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