Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday, Part The Fifth

Sunday once again! As we all know, nothing ever happens on Sunday, so let's look at what I draw in my spare time for no reason!

First off, let's take a look at an old creature design of mine, the Trilepus!

Yeah, it looks like a pokemon, but you gotta admit it'd be a flippin' sweet pokemon!

Next we have an old doodle of mine that holds the dubious honour of being one of the few people I finished all the way to their feet. This was part of an informal art contest we had to draw a mad max-style that uses weapons made from everyday objects. Meet Butterknife!

I do really like the painted surgical mask acting as "teeth", very unique and effective. Hate the shoes, though. 

Finally, I do like to include one doodle I did today, so here you go.

I apologise for how generic she is in terms of facial structure and hair. I actually started this off as a powersuit, then I thought, "Hey! What if a fantasy world has, like, CLOTH powersuits? LOL!" and went from there. I also have kind of a fetish for really well covered fantasy girls, it just flies in the face of modern convention and I love it.

Well, that's it for this week! Tune in next Sunday for more mediocrity!

Movie of the day: Prince of Egypt. I just love thins movie. Everything about it is good old-fashioned BIG filmmaking. Crash zooms, bombastic score, everything aimed at the camera, enormous 'sets', yet it also has some of the most subtle and complex character animation I've seen in a long time. Ramses' face when he speaks to moses privately after he comes back and faces the priests... It's sheer beauty. I also think it's in Hans Zimmer's top 5 in terms of score. The God Theme... It's the perfect representation of all that's good about the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religions, and it's done in four simple musical phrases. I'm gushing but I just love this film, and I just saw it again today. Even if you're an atheist, treat it as a heroic legend and it's still phenomonal. You might say I like it.

Song of the day: The Man In The Desert by Yoko Kanno. If you don't count the God theme mentioned above, this is one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've heard and it was my favorite song of all time for a good five years. So I guess this is kind of a double whammy in terms of sheer, raw emotional beauty. I'd better go to sleep before I embarrass myself further.


Julia said...

Oh em gee, I LOVE Prince of Egypt to death! Glad to see that other people are liking it too! And yes, the music is awesome, especially the song that plays during the plagues. I think it was another version of "All I Ever Wanted." Speaking of music and Yoko Kanno, have you ever listened to a song by her called Cloe? I have and it's absolutely beautiful (still waiting for that Escaflowne review and pony jokes on Dilandau's voice). It's on YouTube if you want to listen to it.

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