Monday, February 4, 2013

I Didn't Murder My Wife

Ha! Got you with that heading, didn't I? See if you can figure out what I was really referencing...

Learned about Lighting in class today, then we had a workshop on storyboarding in the afternoon. Storyboarding is probably one of my favorite stages of production (even though when you think about it, it sounds like some kind of torture where people are bound and forced to listen to Twilight or something). When I want to make films, I get a really clear image in my head about what it will look like, and it's exciting to put it on paper in a no-budget environment. I actually miss out on that when I do reviews, seeing as there really can't be any storyboard for those, but maybe if I can finally get working in the field, I can get an opportunity.

Jess has been doing a lot better, and a couple from our church actually dropped off some roast chicken for us because they knew we were having trouble getting good meals into us. It was so good... What nice people!

Movie of the day: The Fugitive. This movie pretty much pioneered the "thinking man's" Action movie, with a very intelligent protagonist, a complex plot that takes concentration to figure out and an antagonist that actually isn't a bad guy... and flippin' sweet explosions. The train crash is spectacular every time i see it. Since Tommy Lee Jones really only plays one character for the most part (and does it well), he performs well, but the dynamic betwen him and Harrison ford is what really makes it. Both of them even manage to crack jokes without breaking the mood! This is quite a forgotten gem for action buffs, even though it was nominated for Best Picture (seriously!).

Song of the day: Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!/I Want You (She's So Heavy)/Helter Skelter from The Beatles' Love album. Being a lover of mashups (and of the Beatles, for that matter), I thought this album, a selection of officially endorsed mashups of Beatles songs taken from the actual mixes,   was fantastic. This song was one of the real standouts. Near the end it really goes into "whoa" territory. these guys knew what they were doing.


Evan said...

Hmmm...not really thinking of anything that you'd be referencing with that title. Maybe a certain trilogy by Dan Wells?

Suede said...

If you saw The Fugitive, you'd get it.

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