Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday, Part The Fourth

It's lazy Sunday, so that means padding! What kind of padding? Why, sketchbook padding, of course! And I included a jump because the pictures take up room and I just discovered what the jump actually does! Hooray...

My first attempt at both a helmet and perspective. I tried to draw a castle before snapping my pencil in frustration. I hate the sword handle, but love the sword. It's like a Bowie knife, but a sword.

I sat down and said to myself, "let's just cut the anime all together and see what hapens when you try to be completely realistic. Voila. XD I couldn't do it, man! Hair needed to be clumped, eyes needed to be cooler! I have a problem, ok? 

Well, only two today, but as a bonus, do you know why I never put my wife's art up here, since she also draws?

This is why. She makes my work look like crap. Sigh...

Hey, you know what, while I have the scanner out, let me show you some of the most epic pieces pf art from the mlp comic we got. I'm not sure this was drawn with one target audience in mind...

Yep. all actual images from the comic. Dang.

Movie of the day: Legend. This is another old 80's fantasy, this one being one of Ridley Scott's earlier works. First of all the soundtrack is a LOT more appropriate this time around. I actually get the same vibe from this film as I did from Blade Runner: the movie IS the atmosphere, with everything else just being garnishes. The plot is simplistic but some of the emvironments and effects are just inspired. It's also cool seeing a young Tom Cruise looking like a live-action anime character (maybe that's why the Japanese like him so much), and the one and only Tim Curry as the most METAL portrayal of Satan in a serious movie in the history of cinema. Honestly, his costume and performance are worth the price of admission alone.

Song of the day: Satellite by Oceanlab. I'm very particular about the trance-dance songs I listen to, I only like a certain style which is hard to pin down. This one isn't quite a perfect example, but it's still pretty darn good. I dig it.


Jared Walske said...

Silly question: was the version of Legend you watched the US theatrical version were the score was by Tangerine Dream or was it the director's cut were the score was by Jerry Goldsmith?

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