Saturday, February 9, 2013

Thing Of Beauty

Well, I did get to do at least one of the things I wanted to do today done, and started on a few of the others. I recorded a new episode of Nancy Drew (this one should be interesting), fleshed out the idea and began work on the script for a new Amv Heaven and... yeah, that's about it. Main reason I wasn't able to do more was because poor Jess has taken a bad turn lately. Poor girl has begun to hate food because she's always hungry, but never for anything. That seems like a bizarre paradox to me:  To be ravenously hungry, yet not desire food. I mean surely you're hungry FOR something, right? But no, Jess must continue to suffer this bizarre oxymoron, at least until the first trimester is over. Fingers crossed she gets better!

I also briefly played Skyrim to get some new characters ready for the DLC that's finally, finally coming out in 3 or so days! I just love Skyrim, it's the escapist game that just keeps on giving. For those curious, I have a straight-arrow adventuring Nord shield-and-sword paladin named Aventir Ice-Branded, A Dark-Elf thief named Alvalys who wants money more than anything, A High-Elf Necromage named Sincerion who wants control above all else (100 Speechcraft) and finally, I think my favourite though I love them all: an Argonian Hunter who does whatever the flip he wants to do named And-Yet-He-Moves. With him I set some limits: He cannot fast travel, uses the map only in extreme circumstances, and he doesn't refuse a quest when it presents itself. It's a blast playing him, a real sense of discovery. Nerd rant over!

Movie of the day: I, Robot. A lot of people dismissed this one out of hand as a Will Smith cash-in blockbuster based on a smart book that deserved better. I can definitely see the shameless product placement in there, but I can't elp but love Will Smith's Will Smithiness and some of the emotional moments and action beats are extremely effective. I also like how Spooner and the female scientest have a platonic relationship throughout the movie. Dang, that's refreshing!

Song of the day: Skyrim Atmospheres by Jeremy Soule. A Forty-two minute song, yes. But a forty two minute song that, when played in your headphones while walking,  makes you feel like the hero of your own personal adventure. What a Pick-me-up.


Blondie said...

Huzzah for new Nancy Drew and I am wishing your wife good health!

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