Friday, March 1, 2013

I Don't Know Nothing Anymore

For those who follow me and have left an awesome comment that for some reason didn't show up on the blog, please do not feel like I have abandoned you or hold a personal grudge or taken out a jihad against you or anything. The reason can simply be attributed to Hanlon's Razor: I accidently pressed the delete button instead of the publish button. There you have it. I mistook the word "delete" for "publish". Twice. I have brought shame to the english language.

Aside from that, again, not much to report. Made a functional DVD menu in class and uttered variations of "whoop-de-doo" for the rest of the day. I worked on Pokemon 3 and Played dawnguard while Jessica did some commission work (I'm sure this has been mentioned MANY times, but how does glowing yellow eyes not raise a single eyebrow among the general populace? Are Skyrimians really that jaded, or is it more of an elephant in the room thing?) Maybe I should comment more on what's happening in the world or on the internet. I could comment on TGWTG videos or new Cracked articles or even world news! Yeah! That sounds great! Sounds awesome! Excellent!



Movie of the day: Clueless. Yeah, yeah, THAT clueless. The Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd movie. I think I can only tolerate it now because of the nostalgia factor, but there are some very decent laughs, none of the characters are teeth-grindingly annoying, it's great to see the late Brittany Murphy as a character actress rather than a "pretty girl" scene dressing and the story is very nice and tight for a teen movie. That last point is probably due to the fact that the movie is a modern remake of the Jane Austen book, 'Emma', which actually helped introduce me to Austen's books (I'm not a huge fan, as my second chromosome remains proudly incomplete, thank you, but I do appreciate how smart she was and I enjoy the bbc miniseries once in a blue moon). Worth a curiosity peek.

Song of the day: Legacy by The Gone Jackals. I need to end on something super manly after that really girly confession, so here's a song that still manages to pump up both my testosterone, my nostalgia, and my inner nerd all at the same time. This was the theme for ne of my favourite games of all time, Full Throttle. Being able to buy it on iTunes was the fulfillment of a childhood dream.


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