Thursday, March 28, 2013

To Know The Unknown

Getting the video done in time was an intense experience, and because of that I missed a couple of days. Darn it. But, on the upside, MY REVIEW IS FINALLY UP!

I didn't have time to do a final pass for errors, so I acknowledge that there are some minor animation glitches in it. I'll reupload with improved video later.

So far, this seems like one of my best received reviews, which is odd considering I had such horrific writer's block for it. I struggled so hard with the script I eventually just started writing whatever came into my head and hoping it stuck. I guess I should do that more often! I was also pleased the opening went over well, making JW's head in 3D was a challenge as I had to reteach myself Maya.

But yeah, finally! Phew, now that it's Good Friday I can finally catch up on some gaming I've been missing and take advantage of that Steam Indie sale! I got Recettear, They Bleed Pixels and Thomas Was Alone, and I'm enjoying them all thoroughly. Here's to a shorter interim before the next review!

Movie of the day: See above.

Song of the day: Here's To You by Joan Baez. I love it when a filmmaker finds a really obscure song and makes it prominent. A slow version of this song was in the closing credits of MGS4. I actually think I like the earlier version better, mainly because I find the vocalist more appealing.


Julia said...

Got your answer on TGWTG. Thanks, Suede!

PLN9FOS said...

I remember seeing the review on Tuesday thanks to your account, and I think that it is probably the best thus far, especially since you guys brought up a lot about the movie that would have flown over a good few peoples' heads otherwise. My friend and I to pause the review for about a minute to stop from laughing at the one-two punch of James's epic quote when finding the Unown followed by you guys' quip about Molly changing age for the battle with Brock.

Regarding when you guys seemed confused about why the Unown kidnapped Professor Hale: check for a comment by a user named "The Audience of One" on TGWTG if you'd care to read the the theory that my friend and I proposed for that incident. I sort of regret making that my user name there, though, since it's just the title of a song that I like.

Alice Rane said...

I loved your review, and thought you did an excellent job of it. I laughed my butt off!

Keep up the good work :)

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