Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dream In Peace

I hurt. I'm completely exhausted from head to toe. I'll upload some pictures tomorrow when I scan my usual sketches but ugh, even a teeny tiny con like this one does take it out of you. At first it actually looked as if it would be a disaster: We were at the front of the hall, so everyone passed by us at first, no one was buying or commissioning anything, it looked like we would be severely in the red from what we spent to get there. Luckily though, It only lasted an hour or two, and then we began selling way more and getting lots of lovely commissions. Since I had to watch the stall with Jess, I wasn't able to go to the different events, but I was able to catch a bit of Dante Brasco (Kuzo, Jake Long, Rufio, Guy With Epic Name). He has almost a carbon copy of Jake Long's personality, it's kind of freaky actually. We were able to get one personal thing from the other stalls, Jess chose a Nyanko sensei plush from Natsume Yuujinchou and I got the first season of Batman: The Animated Series for $10! Awesome.

Total tally of people who recognised me as Suede: 2. One of those was my wife. Ugh. Need to get on with the well-known thing. Tune in tomorrow for pictures of where it took place, You may be surprised. Now for sleep!

Movie of the day: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. I obviously can't give all my thoughts in a quick capsule review, but most of them boil down to the fact that this movie is worth a watch. It's still a milestone in many ways, you can tell everybody on the team worked really hard on it (except for some of the voice actors), the premise is at least original and different for a sci fi flick and it's always nice to hear Ming-Na Wen speak. It also has an awesome end credit song that's almost worth everything you don't like in the film.

Song of the day: The Dream Within by Eliot Goldenthal. This song, as a matter of fact. Yeah, it has really hippy lyrics, but man, that chorus... it would make any movie seem epic. Just wonderful.


Julia said...

I got a Nyanko plushie from a teeny tiny con too!

edmg7 said...

Dante *Basco* and *Zuko* (yeah I empathize with fatigue removing a desire to spell check, but it was bugging me). You're actually the first person I know to say anything good about the FF movie. Perhaps that could be a review in the future?

Jonathan M said...

Another Final Fantasy movie? A future Suede video, perhaps? I kid, I kid.

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