Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Aal Izz Well

Nuke is kicking my butt three ways from Sunday, it really really is. I'm actually starting to get pretty depressed about it, to be honest. I was able to learn After Effects at a pretty reasonable pace, Heck I was even able to get the absolute basics of Maya (a 3d modeling program) eventually, and I could tell I was improving. Nuke, though... If anything I feel like I'm moving backwards. It's doubly frustrating when you hear from the tutors that the best way to secure a job in the film industry is to know how to use it (rotoscoping is one of the most common entry-level positions). Darn it, I want to get out there and MAKE films! I know I have to understand all levels of production in order to be a good director, and I do! But I don't want to kill myself on a program I probably won't personally use my whole career! Sigh... despite that, all I can do is hope that it's like Magic: The Gathering, ludicrously confusing until this one 'click' moment where although you're nowhere near mastering it, you finally 'get' it. I really, really, hope this is the case...

Movie of the day: 3 Idiots. Luckily, my sucky day was alleviated somewhat by the pleasant surprisse that was this film! It's a Bollywood film... Wait, come back here! Look, I don't blame you in the slightest for giving this on a pass. Not only is it a Bollywood film, with all the stigma that that comes with, but it's a buddy comedy and the posters don't exactly do it any favours. the only hint that this is anything other than garbage is the fact that it is now the highest grossing Bollywood film of all time, and the most internationally well-received. Well, I saw it, and... Yeah, it's really darn good! Yes, it has the staples of the genre (song and dance numbers, awkward musical cues, melodrama, three-hour runtime) and it starts off looking really underwhelming, but... what can I say, despite all that it's really good! The staples are a lot less obnoxious than your average Indian production, the humor is genuinely good in places and it throws some really unexpected curveballs at you! I mean it, if you can see some of the twists coming in this film you are flippin' prophetic. The best part is the message, though. It may be a little trite, but the message this movie tries so hard to get across is one of universal appeal, one that needs to be heard by everyone every now and again. It's also quite an eye-opening insight into certain aspects of Indian life. If you want to give Bollywood a shot, this is the film to start on. It's even available on Youtube for free, legally, here (although you'll have to get the DVD for higher quality)! now there's no excuse! check it out if you have an afternoon free.

Song of the day: Time Of The Turning (Reprise) / The Weaver's Reel by Peter Gabriel. The Bollywood has put me in a world music mood! I always imagined this song to be the opening for the Avatar: The Last Airbender if I directed it and / or it didn't suck. Really dynamic, really heart pumping.


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I knew other people would enjoy this film. You, sir, have made my day!

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