Monday, March 18, 2013

As I Go Riding Merrily Along

It was a boring day yesterday, which you would think would make it easier to write a blog entry, but I have a weird OCD quirk (similar to the one that compels me to at least write an entry for each day, if not on each day) that causes me great discomfort if I don't provide some kind of meat in the entry. I went to school, got my soul sucked out of my eyeballs by a program I must learn but has a learning curve like a spiked balcony... What else? Oh wait, we did watch the final projects from the current Diploma of Animation and Digital Filmmaking, which is the course I took last year. You know how whenever you go up a level or a year in school, almost instantly it seems like the next generation are much stupider than you were? I call it the Crotchety Old Man syndrome, and usually it doesn't affect me all that much but man, there was maybe ONE project there out of six that was up to the standard of last year. One student did a music video (which wasn't even an option last year and oh my, now I see why) and not only the filmmaker in me but even the old AMV reviewer in me just screamed for mercy all the way through it. Not colour graded, uninteresting... heck they even committed the cardinal sin of music videos and didn't cut it to the beat! It looked like a sub-standard home movie montage! I don't know if they passed, but man, it was almost insulting. I hope things improve, right now all I can do is be glad I have a little les competition in the job market.

Huh, I guess I did have something to say after all. Yay!

Movie of the day: Men In Black. This is darn close to a perfect blockbuster. Fun, funny, touching, still relevant, ages very gracefully and moves at a wonderfully swift pace. The real revelation to me is Vincent D'Onofrio as Edgar. There is a character who does not fit into his skin in the best possible way. For a more in depth analysis in it that I agree with, check out Lindsay's review.  

Song of the day: Ring-A-Ding, Baby! by Icky. This isn't in fact a remix of the song by Frank Sinatra, but an electroswing remix of Jingle Jangle Jingle by Kay Kyser. I'm quite a fan of electroswing, I think the complex melodies of swing compliment the hard beats very well if done right, and I think this does it very well.


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