Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sketchbook Sunday, Part The Seventh

Well, it's Sunday, that means sketches, you know it, I know it, let's get on with it.

I thought I'd go back to some of my character designs today, but first, here's what happened after we had a class on caricature at my course. Can you guess which celebrity I chose?

I actually quite like how it turned out, and that hand in particular was a total fluke, it makes it look like I actually know how to draw hands!

Speaking of flukes, this one started out as simply an experiment in drawing exaggerated glasses and ended with a character just begging for a backstory!

What's with the uniform? Why is he smiling? What on earth in that thing on his shoulder? I just like how I managed to pull off that jawline and forehead,

Finally, for the one I did today, I'm still kind of in a gothic mood, but I'm also a fan of the "cheerful goth" style, so I thought I'd try a character like that.

He's a cheerful fellow who got a demon's face sewn onto his when half his head got blown off. Can you see him at hot topic? No? Ahh, who cares...

Movie of the day: Jungle Emperor Leo. My stars, an anime?! Who'd a thunk I'd talk about an anime on this blog? In all seriousness, from what I could research this is an adaptation of the last third of Osamu Tezuka's Manga, known in the west as Kimba, The White Lion. For those who grew up watching the cartoon, this is the canon conclusion to it (with a few changes from the manga you can look up). It is DEPRESSING. It's heroic, it ends on a positive note, there is elements of Tezuka wackiness and the animation is dumbfoundingly, breathtakingly beautiful at points, but be warned, the tone is uneven and the ending is still very heavy. I'd still recommend it, though.

Song of the day: He Lives In You by Lebo M. I wasn't really impressed by Lion King 2, but this song was amazing. Wonderful notes, fits the tone perfectly, sung by the same guy who did the opening chant in the first movie... It's a great motivational song all around. Listen to it as a pick-me-up after watching Leo, you'll need it.


Julia said...

Maybe you should review Jungle Emperor Leo sometime since you've watched it and all.

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